Dance Therapy

Remember the days we used to go out dancing all night, closing the place and then the group would go out to eat we had so much fun back then that no one would want to leave, we all became great friends healing the old damage within every weekend dancing it off getting to know … More Dance Therapy


I hear a lot of people having to “work” on love if respect, love, appreciation and growth doesn’t flow naturally, through the good and bad times, then love will be lost and “found” elsewhere… ©


Sweaty palms weak knees butterflies glowing face lost in thoughts misplaced things dreamy nights light as wings sounds like love, lost in the clouds above can’t wait for the phone to ring because you’re thinking of them it is an ageless reaction when that love bug hits you, always giving the same old symptoms… ©

Simply Humbled

A humbled heart, always grateful for the simple things feeling blessed, when given greater opportunities never truly lacking even when almost all was lost, for I was not willing, to trade my soul God shining, setting the trail to where I need to be, no stress on this face as His deliveries are always on … More Simply Humbled

You Made Me Better

(Flashback Friday) I know that it hurts, to break up with your man But if he cheated on you, you must take a stand If he tries to get back with you, just give yourself some time To think about your future, and release the hurt inside We never know the answers, when the loneliness … More You Made Me Better

When Wisdom Speaks

As I savor quietness, or so I thought, a little too much released in deep talk my mouth not moving and I am alone yet wisdom has stories that need to be told and I, just listen… ©   Photo: Googleimages


Sitting alone between multiple walls, the space I call home Happily writing and free, while listening and feeling the words that come to me an insatiable appetite for verses that deliver delight smiles, tears, worry or fear, solace or excitement, my day is cheerfully enlightened it all speaks to me, a form of welcomed communication … More Delight