Romantic endeavors sometimes are brought to an end, not because of either one’s love but because, it’s just the timing Left to wonder and some always hold onto that pure love, that somehow lives buried in busyness, to keep a sane mind frame a form of life’s, lost-love game While hoping for time to bring … More Remnants


  A sweet, warm kiss and its energetic tenderness can certainly brighten your day… ©


Time, it seems to fly beyond a certain age couldn’t wait to be 21 and eventually, the children come they grow so quickly and move on, beyond depending on you I love the family gatherings, watching all the generations entertaining each other although there are varying ages the music and singing the instruments they were … More Family

Acknowledged — ReconnectedMind

Through the silence of words yet resounding vibes, I clearly recognize the connection too profound to ignore ever since, you walked into my spiritual realm an inspiring link, that is naturally meant to be though sometimes I fight, your spellbinding mind © via Acknowledged — ReconnectedMind (Don’t forget my second site-ReconnectedMind.)

Little Blessings

  Sometimes, the littlest things make you smile the biggest causing a chemical reaction that opens your heart, and brightens your day because God knew you desired a true smile, then your personal light shined even brighter… ©

Moonlight Dance

When the moon’s light shines upon the water, the ripple of waves puts forth nature’s perfect dance and as my heart and mind are mesmerized, I too, dance from within… ©

Nature’s Medicine

The more you read, the more you know…  Sometimes that new-found knowledge can be upsetting.  Today I refer to common weeds, with some being in your own backyard.  We have been led to think they’re nothing but unwelcome dominating pests.  In reality, a lot of them have medicinal value to many common ailments, diseases.  Because … More Nature’s Medicine