We are born with sin, that is what is taught
we must also know then, to forgive & move on
if we live with the emotions of not forgiving someone’s soul
the real person not freely living, is You who is not whole

When a person asks forgiveness, and you use this as a pawn
then you jeopardize your life, and your health will take a turn
for the energy inside you, will slowly rot your cells
then the sickness is upon you, that you brought upon yourself

When your conscious is clear, then forgiveness is near
your energy changes and your old life rearranges
awareness is a spiritual power, your new life begins
a happy soul delivers, what was buried within

Learn to forgive and trust in yourself
be the beautiful creature that was meant to excel
learn how to use the gifts, found in life through nature
for it is an art to be learned, through the love of your creator



No Thank You…

In this world, some people gauge success by the material objects they own; or a certain amount of liquid assets of amounts untold.  I always was and will always be, of a simple yet complex nature, that’s how God made me.

I say no thank you:

To expensive, gaudy jewelry.  I prefer dainty and it suits my needs.  I don’t need to sparkle full of gems, silver & gold. My frame is petite, truth be told.

I say no thank you:

To a big house with too many rooms. It’s too much to clean, if we’re only two. A nice size home with an office & spare room. For our entertaining, a decent sized yard-to bring us together, not split us apart.

I say no thank you:

To a cabinet full of fake food. Visually tempting, but for the body not at all good.  I rather have less in the pantry but healthy on my plate, to serve my body well, as I give thanks with grace.

I say no thank you:

To a vehicle with all of the bells & whistles. Too many sensors means quite a few breakdowns. Simple comforts and just the right size, color & style pleasing to my eyes.  Above all, what I fully seek is a very reliable ride, well suited for me.

I say no thank you:

To a professional man, knowing too well what are his plans.  I already know and don’t want to compete, with the almighty dollar and no time for me.

I may be simple, but my life is grand.  I travel when I want to and I have no demands. My writing a hobby and I’m having fun, I can walk to the river to bask in the sun.



Dollars For Time

Not enough hours in the day
having to work into the night
you have to “seal the deal”
exchanging the dollar for your personal life

A loved one at home, alone once again
internally lonely, not just wanting friends

Cheating’s an option, just empty in love
fulfilling the loneliness, is just not enough

Within time, expressing a warning
limit your hours or we’ll be divorcing

Not wanting to change
due to pride and control
you find yourself no longer working
no home and alone

Your mental capacity, now at its worse
feeling betrayed, so lost and cursed
depressed and slowly losing everything
after devoting so much time and energy

Now with infinite time to reflect
you understand why your ex had left

You recover, reinvent yourself and become a perfect catch
just for another person—too bad it’s not for the love of the past
for they have moved on, without any regret
when your love for the money, caused this whole mess


Colorful Fall

The ending of summer, as nature displays
the red and gold leaves, changing in stages
the strong windy days, knocking leaves off the tree branches
leaving big gaps and exposing the nests in them

The cool early mornings, and somewhat warm days
eventually leading to cold, bitter nights
the last chance of camping, with bonfires to keep warm
the melting marshmallows
between graham crackers and chocolate bars

Fishing the rivers, while flowers fade by the banks
the wildflowers once overhanging, creating some shade
that’s where the fish hide on hot summer days
protecting their bodies from the heat of the sun’s rays

Although the fall is quite beautiful
some people get SAD, which is understandable
not long behind, are the northern cold blasts
to the cold winter days, that too long seem to last


Beauty Disguised…

What society calls beautiful, is only the shell
the outward visual, but observation does tell

From public experiences and others’ perceptions
a lot of beautiful people are full of deception
the lying, the cheating, the high maintenance
the using, abusing and this includes friends

Their own insecurities, expressed in mind games
the lack of respect, the alias names
the desire to feel validated, the sexual need activated
a sign of past abuse, please tell me, who is fooling whom

The public’s attention, always a need
will put on a show, to keep someone in heat
then reality hits when the person’s alone
not sure who you are, and your heart like a stone

Use or be used, is all in the name
of the beautiful person-acting in vain


Daddy’s Little Surprise

As you can see, they’re waiting on their infant
Dad’s in his 30’s, said he never wanted children

Now he’s so excited, he can hardly wait
to be a new daddy, to little bear “Ray”

For mom it’s her third, and there is a pattern
a seven year gap, between all of the children
the previous two–respectful, beautiful and sweet
a young man of 14, and a sister half his age

The soon-to-be baby, a gift sent from heaven
God teaching the “daddy” a beautiful lesson

Sometimes God’s gifts, have a long-term life purpose
the decision—is not always yours to determine


Heart Chains

I’m needing someone to pry open my heart
yet I won’t let anyone in, and this fear won’t depart

Lack of trust, and too much hurt in these veins
my mind all messed up and heart heavy with chains

I always wonder, will there ever be
some one that can love enough
to rescue me…