Faith is unseen hope; many blessings yet to unfold. A heart that believes… © EN All Rights Reserved Advertisements


Kindness and warmth a shining light of some sort. Whispers of angelic touches, hated by evil’s darkness. You begin to comprehend; your aura’s bright and it attracts. Where some wish for you to live amongst their forlorn dark shadows; suffering along with them, yet wondering, how you escaped. © EN All Rights Reserved


You’re my only ever weakness when I feel that I am strong; as I have not one opponent, I’ve a heart, forgiving wrong. Yet when I am solely thinking, (as your words do make me weak), I am glad you’re nowhere near me, for I fear, I couldn’t speak… © EN All Rights Reserved

Sweet Dreams

For those nights you cannot sleep, yet have a busy mind; when darkness seems a bit too long, before the sun will rise. I send to you a memory, to quiet down your soul. I pray the Lord will send you peace, and bless your heart of gold. © EN All Rights Reserved


Through morning skies and darkest nights, I’m always thinking. Though seasons change to bloom again, life’s not always pleasing. Yet my heart sees you are in me; from dusk ’til dawn you’re in my thoughts. I’ve yet to see You, but I’m glad I feel You; and I praise, each blessed day. © EN, All … More Praise


You gently changed my livelihood, and I held on as best I could. I prayed you take my fears away, and now I wait to celebrate. I come to fully understand, you’ve given me a better plan; that even through my times of trials, I’ve gained a freedom and my future is brighter. © EN … More Calamity

The Good Old Days

New Year’s Eve was a blast another day has gone too fast. For some got drunk a bit too much, having a hard time waking up. For others just a little less, you’re still too loud for their aching head. But for those, that are like me, you dance all night on restless feet. (Knowing … More The Good Old Days