A Man Smitten by Love…

When a man smitten by love says to me:

“I will give you the moon”

I expect a romantic night
Dancing to music just outside of the car
Out by the water, where the moon doesn’t seem far

And when he says:

“For you, I will move a mountain”

Then he will offer his shoulder, as I go through difficult problems

When a man smitten by love says to me:

“I will give you the sun”

Then one early morning, we will go out to see
How nature wakes up, and breathe the fresh air from the trees
Whether a park, by the ocean, when you see the sun’s early rise
You have been blessed with another day; I will give thanks for this time

And when he says:

“I give you the stars”

I know we will sit out, in the night when it’s clear
And for moments be silent, while we both get to glare
At the sky and its majesty, we feel quite small for a minute
As it greatly renews our hearts, minds and spirit

When a man smitten by love says to me:

“I will give you the world”

Then we will be traveling to many continents
Feeding our senses and being very conscious
Of other cultures and people in their space
Where we continue our love, and fully embrace

When a man smitten by love says to me:

“I will give you the universe”

At this I will smile, and hope he realizes
Though a quick moment in life
We are comprised of its matter
For we all are a part, of the universal pattern





Sound of Water

The sound of water flowing
wherever it may be
calls to my soul
inducing me to want to sleep

Mesmerizing feelings, in the day’s light
has me daydreaming, don’t wake me
let me for a while be free
my soul temporarily escaping
in this daydream

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Lovingly Regretful

I remember the day, I wanted more than just friends
you warned me if I left you, you would not let me in again
we were happy for some years, something happened, I got scared
in my mind I had to see, if there was someone else for me

So I left you, and I miss you
I know now that I was wrong
but you warned me, I regret it
how I wish you weren’t so strong

But I understand I hurt you
and I could see it ran too deep
For in my crazy world, somehow I couldn’t see

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Inside The Temple

I enter it when I close my eyes
breathing deeply, absorbing a vibe
I see different pictures
each time I enter
they’re never the same ones
as there is an infinite sum

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Something’s telling me–be still and listen
you must learn to focus
it’s not giving up, but giving in
to your internal master
that’s trying to guide
you’re not being selfish
nor narcistic, but wise

Focus on love, not living in lies
not living in pretense, a mask of disguise
the greatness of love
you must be aware
begins with your heart
then is dispersed everywhere