Rich and Famous?

So many imagining being rich and famous for their God-given talent but the rich ones, thinking if you only knew the loss of your freedom, the lost feeling soul once able to go out and with full privacy no longer enjoyed, several photos taken and they’re getting annoyed someone’s always asking for something, slowing one … More Rich and Famous?


Feeling satisfied with material things until the newest one comes and the mind then thinks, they want the latest one or they’re not living, their greatest potential Life throws its curveball trying to reach into your soul a devastation of high magnitude, to put you in another world and teach you a lesson in gratitude … More Taken

Inner Beauty

Clothed in the beauty of words and emotions, an artistry of vibrant colored inks sometimes shapeless, leaving a profound thought other times with eloquent, defining lines wishing I could capture a still picture just before the pen hits the paper I would love to see the beauty in your eyes, before you begin to admirably … More Inner Beauty


If internally you hide your true character with a woman you’re attracted to, and you’re just trying to impress her then what in the future will become of you two, when in reality you hid your inner truths… ©   Photo:  Freebingimages