I lift my heart into my hands, and offer you a broken plan. In shame I pray that you forgive, the worldly things that I let in. © Advertisements

Creative Thoughts

Softness in the reading, as if a violin is playing. I dance in mind to your writings, a heavenly place, that I can hide in. Smiles and profound thoughts, sometimes leaving my heart in knots; attempting to decipher and define,  the writing between the invisible lines. ©


Someone’s hurting to the core, resenting wasted time; feeling desperate looking into prowling eyes. Although sometimes wanting to turn their eyes away; behaving desperately, looking for someone to take the pain away. Distractions that quicken time so the suffering doesn’t seem as long. Adjusting emotions, yet not sure how to. Trying to convince the mind– … More Distraught


Anyone notice that when letting your reader idle all day, you need to hit refresh once in a while?  I have seen new post on e-mail, but not on my reader.  When I refresh, the “post” goes into its proper time slot and finally show on my reader.  So I have missed quite a few … More Refresh-Reload

Unclaimed Faith

Many times in life I seem to forget, when I view something as impossible (because I have not the knowledge), that I am created to live the impossible with help from above (that lives inside), because we, are a part of each other. Therefore, I am quite able (and more than capable), but I first … More Unclaimed Faith