The Precious Loner

Ever get the feeling you have no value, for some reason you are easily angered. Feeling inadequate, in so many ways, wondering why you live in these days… Learn to change your point of view, look through eyes that follow you. The other side, the realms above. His poor sweet child, can’t feel His love. … More The Precious Loner

Kindness or Evil?

There’s something bothering me just a bit: Long ago, I handled a bad situation with personal conviction and grace, that I must demonstrate true faith. I therefore, dealt with class when the opposition attempted, many times, to ruin my reputation of being humble and kind. I now realize I threw my own silent blows (still … More Kindness or Evil?

First Haiku

I think Haikus are so clever.  Hats off to those that can whip them up.  I read a tidbit of how to create them; although mostly of nature-but not always.   A pattern of syllables of 5/7/5 in three lines.  Here is my first attempt: So little written yet profound in many ways a witty haiku … More First Haiku