In Your Presence

I cannot recall all the days that are gone, but here I exist with you in my plans. And when I am done from this part of your world, will you rejoice when to you, I return. But for now I shall live in the beauty and warmth, of your comforting me in my spirit, … More In Your Presence


Sometimes my heart acheswith humbling thoughtsfrom the past. And this time, I am the onethat took myself there. ©EN, All Rights Reserved


My heart tiptoesthrough the valley,as gently as could be. I work my wayto a higher placewith thoughts of“just to see.” ©EN, All Rights Reserved


I wear the invisible gems that only you know exist, in the world I have created. ©EN, All Rights Reserved


Sometimes I wonder… why(?), the biggest question of life. There is information from past generations, yet, it’s not quite clear in the mind. Some end-of-life experiences offer hopeful testimony; yet the highly educated or the spiritually trained try to oppose the experience of the temporarily, dead, human being. (The world they did not observe, yet … More Contemplation


…and as the music plays my heart wanders, my musings blossom as I listen for your masculine echoes from beyond… ©EN, All Rights Reserved


We sit and talk as you begin to explain, all of your brokenness from whence it began. I silently listen and don’t interrupt. I feel of it’s essence your beauty of now. For it all has formed you the way you should be, for no one escapes the brokenness tree. ©EN, All Rights Reserved