It lives in all of us and controls us most of the time, but those who do not allow it at their pivotal point, achieve their goals.



I Want to be Told…

I’ve been quiet
I’ve been still
No plans to honor
and  a love to fill

Preparing my thoughts, not quite sure why
but there’s a new feeling, deep down inside

Could it be your smile, the shine in your eyes
that captivates me and makes my heart fly
or is it your voice, that I long to hear
I know that you’re present, and I could be near

All I know is, I want you to hold me
I want to be close
I want you to know me
I want to be told
that in your eyes, I do exist
and that, you too, feel exactly like this


The 11th Month

November, almost the end of the year
some reflect on what they accomplished or fear
others ready to end relationships
in order to avoid having to buy holiday presents

Engagement arrangements, families giddy
tolerance is high, and forgiveness is needed
a look into the new year, in hopes of refreshing the soul
forgive yourself first, and then inner strength follows

Time to give thanks with family and friends
is this the only time everyone actually listens
sometimes a tear, that you are all gathered
to make the day, a beautiful time to remember


Ego Dilemma

Hearing others and observing their ways
constant complaining and hatred in their faces
verbal vibrations sent out into the world
not knowing it comes back, to settle a score

“I was just venting”—but was it all true
not a single embellishment to impress me of you?
not putting angles on the words that you speak
that one day may return, causing your soul to be weak

Don’t create a bad past, by not dealing with the present
don’t let the sun go down without reflection
and then, follow up with a loving action

When you learn to love life
through the good and the bad
your loving response to all situations
demonstrates you have finally reached an internal greatness
you no longer cater to your worst enemy
and that is known as, the ego entity


What Makes Me Smile


Holding a puppy and watching it run
as it falls over its own feet and then it goes “plop”

A sweet little baby while it is sleeping
the little round mouth, in a cooing position
the precious smile when it looks at you
the sounds of it trying so hard to talk too

Just don’t let me see you, trip, and then take a fall
because I won’t be smiling, I’ll be laughing out loud