Happy is the soul that keenly knows, emotions come in highs and lows. Happy being easiest, worry takes a toll on us; anger leads to mindless pride, grief can make a person hide. Change can cause a loss of “whole,” feeling like you lose control. The most regretful are some fears you give them power … More Emotionality


  When upset, your energy gets shifted to a momentary loss of security, or, it generates long-term damage;… creating the world You reside in. © EN, All Rights Reserved

Quiet Times

Time to relax just sit and chill, give eyes a change and breathe in fresh air. While your eyes may seem to stare, we happily know your mind is elsewhere. © EN, All Rights Reserved


Sometimes, moving forward means accepting. There is no push nor pull; just letting go… © EN, All Rights Reserved

Silenced Hope

Lets escape just you and I, run from this world for a short time; let’s walk beside the riverside amongst tall grasses, we can hide. I’d like to talk, get in your head, resolve some thoughts that I can’t bear. Because you’re near I can release, confessions of a love to be(?), these overflowing thoughts … More Silenced Hope


My heart has faltered; for I promised myself to live by my rules, capabilities, and internal desires… Free from compromising my thoughts; then, you somehow entered into my mind & heart… Thus now, my soul has been summoned, to express a new form of love… © EN, All Rights Reserved