Instructors can not tell you that you have no value. (For That is the cunning work of evil.) © EN, All Rights Reserved Advertisements


I read and feel a change within, a message to my soul begins; internal thoughts begin to rise, a challenge to become more wise… © EN, All Rights Reserved


Summer flowers, lush foliage greens,  I will miss your lovely scenes. Before winter’s deterioration and your becoming old, your picturesque beauty I have delightfully shown. © EN, All Rights Reserved


Life is not meant to remain in static unhappiness. May faith realign the displaced joy… © EN, All Rights Reserved


Woke up early with the sun to a feeling that I don’t want undone. Sometimes, we just can’t explain, an absolute feeling of no emotional pain. And that strikes me when I am here. An internal feeling seems to appear. You can’t see it, but you know it is there; a powerful feeling, and you … More Connected