Why did I start writing poetry?  This was a whole new thought process for me…

It was a spiritual release that came by surprise.  I was at a job that I could no longer be at, due to  pain from a car accident, combined with their pulling on my soul once too  often; so I quit.  Yep, I had the financial back-up at the time and I figure God will take care of me, as always.  I said my prayer and gave my notice a little sooner than expected, but what a relief.

After dealing with the bitterness for a few years, I finally let it go; just told it to leave me alone because I wanted total peace.  What a change!  I started hearing all this poetry in my mind from nowhere.  It would wake me at night and I figured out that if I didn’t write it down, that “high” would not let me rest.  So I created a blog to share my “thought” experiences.  I continue to “feel” that writing vibe, especially when I hear music or certain tones.  It just takes off on me and sometimes I can’t write fast enough.

The whole situation has drawn me even closer to my inner being, a “beauty of life” that had expanded in great depth. Due to the car accident many years ago, I have developed Fibromyalgia and can’t work without intensifying the pain. It was all meant to be, to put me where I am today, and I am very grateful for the inner-spiritual progression.

You never know what life brings forth, especially through the rough times.  So let the grudges, bitterness and negative crap go-because you are holding back blessings that were meant to be, designed especially for You.


(Below was my initial About Page.)

Hello, I am taking time to learn more about blogging before I put more information on this page.  Yes, I’m hiding behind that little insecurity, lol.  I enjoy dancing (especially salsa), I used to throw old-fashioned basement parties-including the big Singing Machine, when I owned my home, and I enjoy good conversations with close friends & family; and on occasion with strangers.  I love the four seasons (when winter isn’t too harsh), but my favorite is summer.

I have too much time on my hands due to a car accident long ago, and I am now dealing with fibromyalgia, but life is still beautiful.  It has brought me here!

I hope to inspire anyone that reads my posts.  Thanks for stopping in.  Hope you have fun.

(I have a second site at ReconnectedMind)

Feel free to contact me at emotionalnotions@gmail.com

add another page.

34 thoughts on “About

      1. No problem. This first time is always the roughest. I don’t know how you do it, school and blog. You must be a strong woman. I admire you. Thank you so much. Hope I didn’t let you down.


      2. If I had a better attention span it wouldn’t be difficult. I do prioritize blogging so I end up awake at times like this (it’s 4 a.m. here) to study.


  1. Hi I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for the recent follow. I enjoy dancing too, although it’s not something I do often (thanks for reminding to stop and have some fun once in awhile). And I like the four Seasons too, each for their own reasons. For me, fall is the best because there are no bugs 😊 Looking forward to reading more from you.

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  2. Yep.poetry defiantly found you. I can say,for me, it can be a blessing and a nightmare.the more time spent writing every. thing down ,people around you will say you spend too much time with it. But poetry doesn’t haunt them.they can’t relate. Poetry will win.it always wins.I relate to this poem.

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