I’m a hopeless romantic, weakened by chivalry; a gentleman’s stature of strength and integrity. My melting soul from words so warm; poetic gestures, are embracing arms. My twilit eyes, and tickled heart; a smile so bright, it reaches the stars. With a longing passion I can no longer conceal; my hands reach for your body … More Romance

Angel’s Call

As my guardian angel watches over me, I now realize why I sometimes can’t sleep. A message, a thought, divine communication and all. The “mystery” I could not explain, many times taking my thoughts away: “Feel internally then set the heart free, and after a while, you will comprehend it is me”… © EN, All … More Angel’s Call

Your Special Day

Today is a special day. It is my sister’s birthday. I recently realize, her and my brother are the same age for a month. (I guess I never really gave it much thought.) And as I calculate, the first three above me; my mom was pregnant within two to three months just after each baby … More Your Special Day


Since every one you meet has a special moment in your life: For some reason, which I cannot define, my heart warms when I read your poems. They seem to evoke a special meaning. An anointing of some kind, that clearly tips my writing vibes toward emotions that always seem to rhyme. If I could … More Anointing

False Love

  It starts with eye-candy leading to inquisitive curiosities; wondering if you’re interested in me. There may be an invitation to coffee or another subtle form of social interaction due to this, heart-throbbing attraction. But when honesty is not fully disclosed both will gladly improvise; one based on responding, the other based on the initial … More False Love

Inner Darkness

Love, ending but you’re not quite ready; you box yourself in walls of resistance. But one day, (not knowing how long), you, yourself will tear those walls down… © EN, All Rights Reserved


I do my best and sins confess, combating my old self. Mind gets to see the wrong in me, then my heart is well; knowing, God still believes in me… © En, All Rights Reserved


In another world, that somehow becomes magical. A source of energy leaving one high, that continues when going to bed at night. Culminating ideas, it brings out the best of them in you. A force so strong time’s in a different realm. What is it? The wonders of  Love… © EN, All Rights Reserved

Modality Shift

Though I know not the number of years I’ve left to live, I give God my thanks for the past and what is… I’m to use up this time, make the most of what I can; for in joy is how life was meant to be lived. © EN, All Rights Reserved