Poetic Pain

Reading a post, my heart took a tumble
why such a connection, to your heart’s reflection

Wisdom teaching, from the very beginning
difficult times, lead to our lessons in life
the big picture unknown, but please don’t worry
the beauty in art, is not in a hurry

The perils are there, to reflect and adjust
the negative concept, is only in trust
for you have the power, to alter with courage
releasing to pen, what you consider disparage

To your surprise, many resonate
with your emotional artwork
that you so poetically state



Photo-Getty Images


Getty Images

Oh yes, it’s that yummy time of year
where the family gathers
and love’s in the air

The smell of the turkey and those tempting pies
the flaky bread baking, that will satisfy
some families flying, just to be home
for the family gathering, that brings them so close

The food and drink, that brings them together
the backed-up roads, and questionable weather
giving of thanks, one-by-one at the table
a prayer of hope, for those that aren’t able
the voices of children, playing after eating
brings joy to the heart, of this family gathering

Time to relax, and let the food digest
to make room, for those tasty desserts
in the meantime, why not play a game
or watch those that nap, overeating—no shame

The parade in the day, and all the football events
then starts the shopping, for the Christmas presents



Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving to all!