Sounds are changing from my window’s eye. What I see and hear are signs of springtime. Geese these days are coming North. (I hope there’s no more winter storms.) Lord, I thank your nature’s blend, the transforming seasons where I live. Beautiful art in sky, land and air. Refreshing, uplifting and sometimes, quite bare. Each … More Seasons


Dance until the thoughts are gonewhenever your day’s going wrong. Bring back good thoughts and memories, enjoying every moment’s scene. The calm of heart is only whenyou dance alone and spirit’s cleansed. A gentle comfort overcomes, your burdened soulis now undone. ©2021,EN, All Rights Reserved

The Big “C”

Two people I know were lost to cancer in the past two days.I can’t escape a full year without someone I know either being diagnosed with it,or dying from it. There’s an unsettling feeling, yet a peace as well.Unsettling for those that are about to face the option of quality vs. quantity of life.  A … More The Big “C”


With crimson eyes and tears of blood, the heart released from lack of love. In hospice mode, but I awoke. The “rest” was needed to heal my soul. And now, this life is viewed quite differently. ©2021,EN, All Rights Reserved

Earthly Ways

Come into this temple, come into this place. Forgive my thoughts and fix my pain, Lord I think in earthly ways. Forgive my thoughts and heal this pain, Lord I live, in earthly ways. ©2021,EN, All Rights Reserved


I sit and try not to think, but it’s much harder than it seems. With eyes open,   surrounding sounds are noticed; but when eyes are closed, the space is smaller and definitely louder. The magic of within and without… Many try to avoid the calling of old. So desperate to be released. ©2021,EN, All Rights … More Stillness