(Short Story) A friend asks, “what you doing today?” I state taking a quiet walk by the river to get regenerated; find my way. She wants to know what I’m taking with me, head phones, following an app of some sort…  I tell her it will just be me and nature-no distractions. She considers the … More Serenity

Squandering Life?

Not all make it to retirement as hoped, or live it as was expected.  I think “time” is an important element of life that is severely taken for granted: I think in mind, of aging states, I hope and pray to last through age; of happy times, good food to eat, long walks or hikes … More Squandering Life?


A beautiful sunset, just the other night. Blessed I could see it I must admit, it touched my soul, and I felt whole. © EN All Rights Reserved


It’s almost time, the years keep turning; and as they pass I’m still learning. A praiseful year, with peaceful tears, worth all their weight in gratefulness. © All Rights Reserved


You made me just a little bit nervous when our eyes met. I can’t help but feel coquettish. I’m not sure, what you’ve done. Could it be the ambiance… © All Rights Reserved

Two Souls

Last night in my dreams I was asking if you had enough t-shirts in your luggage. Then the sound of a morning bird woke me up naturally, disturbing my thoughts. Now I wonder, will our souls meet again… © All Rights Reserved


Shed the hurtand the tears,shed the rancorand the fears. Even in the happy times,shedding tears can realign. The flesh is meant to live various emotional states. Sometimes it’s still, but other times it quakes, and no one can calm it until the emotion is over with; that is, if you are willing to shed and … More Cathartic