Broken Mirror

In my reflection what I seem to see, is a broken version of me. But I’m also able to recognize, (in those anguished layers of brokenness)   an inner-strength, that tends to rise. © EN, All Rights Reserved


Taking a walk on a beautiful day; honored by what nature displays. © EN, All Rights Reserved

Life Cycles

Crisp mornings, warming days full of sunshine,  sometimes rain. Subtle changes taking toll, where have all the flowers gone… Leafy green upon the trees,  make yellow, gold or bright red scenes. While I slept the season changed, and in that time, I too have aged. Winter harvest, cold and snow, yet in me, a rainbow, … More Life Cycles

Visceral Shift

I sat upon a rock one day to ponder life and get away. Within my head, there was a voice communicating to my soul. It quickly showed me what I’d done, the many things, just to have fun. And in some thoughts, I yielded tears of sadness, anger and of fear. But just as quickly, … More Visceral Shift

Evolving (2)

Sometimes retrospect can be quite beautiful. Especially when one can observe how much more they have progressed. It’s usually due to a difficult experience; but, there’s no need to wait until then. Look forward, beyond the now. Where do you see yourself? If you can’t answer you don’t have a dream; which means you’re lacking … More Evolving (2)