Awaiting the night’s twilight hoping for stars tonight, I am awestruck by the evening sky… © EN, All Rights Reserved Advertisements


As life lingers time teaches its lessons and one learns detaching is key. Material possessions are not always the answer; beyond need…it’s all wasted effort. Collections of vanity—emotions escaped. Who are we trying to please… Wasted money, time and now things. Resigned to concede, some possessions no longer have a need. The mind goes “click” … More Detached


She was his everything; after past trials, errors and inept comparisons… love resumed, but with someone new… © EN, All Rights Reserved

When Nature Speaks

(Poem posted on both sites today.) A little squirrel runs towards the street, “life is to short,” is all I think. A lovely bird is flying high, and I remind myself to fly. Cacaphony of birds in tree, and I remind myself to sing. The sun is warm, the air smells sweet, of lilac bushes … More When Nature Speaks


Minds that see the light are very creative indeed; freeing the soul’s expressive need. © EN, All Rights Reserved