Desiring Harmony

Being polite to not ruffle feathers, yet letting your body stress while under someone’s  control needs to get reined in.   I hear many complaints of this sort.  But I always ask-what are you doing about it?  I suggest there be a heart-to-heart conversation with the “negative” person.  No yelling, allowing both to speak and then … More Desiring Harmony

The Ugly Side

In a negative state of mind how does one define evil that is brought forth, a sometimes, temporary force how ugly do I envision it distorted sort of figure-like man, or has it been defined for me by visions of what has often been seen if it were left to me alone for evilness to … More The Ugly Side

Universal Art

When preoccupied with obtaining tangible “trophies” for their hard work, one often forgets, nature is waiting to be appreciated and is the free artwork of the universe ©


The past is the past there’s nothing I can change it led me to where I am and for that, I am grateful moving forward is where the magic begins, breaking old patterns as I gather new thoughts of what my heart has learned I’ll be a trailblazer, of an uncharted world as my mind … More Epiphany


I think of you often, and breathe in your words I exhale my sentiments, the evaporation also transmitting through my skin into the universe, into the winds it soon reaches your essence yes, I can discern, I see you also think of me from your elegant poetry, your heart, running down your sleeve to the … More Enchantments


As I sit upon this mountain I reflect on my life and enjoy the beautiful site, of this wondrous world that was made with love and abundantly sustains us all, bemused by the sun and the moon everything having a cause, serving its purpose for our lives to move forward, destroy too much, and we’ll … More Contemplate


In the pureness of truth i come to you, from the depth of my soul seeking the unknown why am i here… how long is my lifespan, is my heart, cleansed from within will i capture your essence as i become a vessel, to testify how evil has not overcome, from the spiritual lessons i … More Veneration