Spirit’s Energy Living Potential When you have found your “SELF” within this world, you have accomplished a spiritual greatness; the true love and peace of life. © EN, All Rights Reserved This should NOT be confounding….but clear.


I heard, but judged not, internally questioning myself; and that curious vibe… prompted the most clear response. © EN, All Rights Reserved


Torn by your words, hurting to my core; afterthoughts cause pondering of all that had been said. A jolting to reality, and that, I must confess. Truth – the two edged sword that did not destroy me; but instead, released me. I too, then took to use  that sword that cut me loose. No longer … More Veracity

Christmas Love

The cold is getting bitter, the leaves are now all gone; the gloominess the clouds dispense,  the sun seems almost lost. But there is something magical, for weeks, it fills the air; the people change and rearrange their love is everywhere. It’s not all about the presents, nor the pretty decorations. It’s putting down, the … More Christmas Love


Forged through wit to mislead. (But the called always proceed.) Falsification, misrepresentation; because knowing truth, is always destined… © EN, All Rights Reserved


(My Tidbits) Temptation A choice that is not at all misleading. It defines who you are, your internal feelings… © EN, All Rights Reserved

Let Me Be…

When I die, life sets me free, don’t call an ambulance or take me to the hospital; I don’t want to return to this tortured human body. Please don’t disturb what nature has allowed; I don’t want any surgeries, I prefer quality of life over an extended life of suffering. If found all alone, “gone” … More Let Me Be…