Sounds are changing from my window’s eye. What I see and hear are signs of springtime. Geese these days are coming North. (I hope there’s no more winter storms.) Lord, I thank your nature’s blend, the transforming seasons where I live. Beautiful art in sky, land and air. Refreshing, uplifting and sometimes, quite bare. Each … More Seasons


Missed for far too long; the greenery finally beginning to form. Spring has touched this heart. © EN, All Rights Reserved


A target was hit, that others had missed because it turned itself sideways. Too thin to attempt, it didn’t want to connect. But then you sent waves in; and with time, the target slowly turned facing only you. Thus, there was no way You could miss © EN, All Rights Reserved

Spring Fever

Something’s in the air, the worst is yet to come. There’s a certain mildness the atmosphere, has swung. The days are getting longer, the air is getting warmer; and we all know the winter storms are certainly not over. Soon the wintry snow will change to rain when warm. The buds will wake and colors … More Spring Fever


The river is heightened by Spring’s snow melting, as citizens worry of flooded streets closing; cumbersome ride to work… © EN, All Rights Reserved