(Flashback from my ReconnectedMind site) Most people hide their scars, but there is beauty because of them: A baby is allowed to live, a body’s saved, someone’s no longer in pain. A beauty mark has been removed; for some in life, they’ve been renewed. A fight ensued, a soul is trapped, to the breaking point … More Scars


The past is the past there’s nothing I can change it led me to where I am and for that, I am grateful moving forward is where the magic begins, breaking old patterns as I gather new thoughts of what my heart has learned I’ll be a trailblazer, of an uncharted world as my mind … More Epiphany

Seed of Faith

I’ve been planted long ago, and have been living within You keep turning me on and off, again and again Each time you think of the wonderful person that you want to be I have that much more grown, so please set me free I’m ready to surge the next time your inner-thought appears Of … More Seed of Faith


Unconsciously a lot of us don’t realize And therefore, are not aware That you don’t really love yourself If you worry what other people care If you always need opinions Because you can’t decide Something’s not right If “always wrong” is how you view your mind There is a lack of confidence That creates a … More Self-Love