Constantly still, is what you want me to be; but I ripple with arcane thoughts internally. They give me courage and hope. And on the many moonlit nights I always break free. Wondering off where you cannot see; receiving, absorbing, addressing weak moments. Awakening senses; that cunningly lead the way… © EN, All Rights Reserved


I tried to embrace a “new” way, but, it did not work; it hampering my being, my old form of thinking. So I let “new” go and moved forward as my usual self; and it is confirmed, the old, suits me well. © EN, All Rights Reserved


In the pureness of truth i come to you, from the depth of my soul seeking the unknown why am i here… how long is my lifespan, is my heart, cleansed from within will i capture your essence as i become a vessel, to testify how evil has not overcome, from the spiritual lessons i … More Veneration


When old is new again experiencing so many revelations, where do I begin and where do I remain, ancient star-dust that I once was, and still am ancestors guiding me or is it also myself, that from the celestial past lives I try to guide in my various, human disguises… ©   Photo;  Bingfreeimages