Christmas Musings

In all the Christmas merriment I wish you joy and various days of peace, throughout the years and wishing I could too, be there… © EN All Rights Reserved Advertisements

The 11th Month

November, almost the end of the year. Some reflect on what they accomplished or fear; others ready to end relationships in order to avoid having to buy holiday presents. Engagement arrangements, families giddy, tolerance is high, and forgiveness is needed. A look into the new year, in hopes of refreshing the soul. Forgive yourself first, … More The 11th Month

Beauty of Nature

The ocean’s waves, calm rivers or creeks the mirroring image of still riverbanks the scent of the earth, the flowers and trees the sound of the birds, the bugs and those bees it finally reached us, warm weather-it’s Spring the beauty of nature, that gradually, is colored in… ©

Anticipating Spring

As the cold gets bitter the beginning of winter yet the days getting longer and my heart’s growing fonder of the wet spring days to come when everything will be fresh and young the birds and the buds as life springs from love the clouds clearing and sky’s more blue as I take time, to … More Anticipating Spring

Exciting New Year

The near year brings new thoughts to mind what can I accomplish within the one year’s time something educational, things of new interest too but both have to comply, with my internal, spiritual side I want to feed the need to learn and satisfy curiosity while in all, the yearning to evolve I wish to … More Exciting New Year

It’s Almost Christmas

It’s getting close to Christmas the mistletoe’s in place the christmas decorations and lights are lit today The reindeers, getting ready to lead the sleigh with cheer the elves are almost flying the toys will soon be here… ©

Spirit of Love

The Christmas spirit stolen from some or in reality, was it given up A surrendering attitude for a past love, that is gone and they’ve taken with them the part of the spirit, that releases your love Tapping the heart as that verse was read a justified anger, enters your head a deafening call, that … More Spirit of Love