My hand wants to continue to write. My mind speaks intuitive thoughts; but the heart, oh so cautiously wants to shut it all out. So just for you, I tore a wall down… © EN, All Rights Reserved

The Unforeseen

It’s an exciting day! I’m at the airport waiting to officially see you for the first time. I know how you look, you have an idea of how I am, hopefully, you won’t be disappointed. We see each other, you recognize me. We both approach, yet we’re not quite sure how to greet. I go … More The Unforeseen


Ah, the waves of emotion sent through your messages… I know not to let fantasy reign, but it provides an abundance of joy that is much more appealing than my current reality. It’s not a sad notion; after all, fairy tales always live happily ever after… © EN, All Rights Reserved


I’m a hopeless romantic, weakened by chivalry; a gentleman’s stature of strength and integrity. My melting soul from words so warm; poetic gestures, are embracing arms. My twilit eyes, and tickled heart; a smile so bright, it reaches the stars. With a longing passion I can no longer conceal; my hands reach for your body … More Romance

False Love

  It starts with eye-candy leading to inquisitive curiosities; wondering if you’re interested in me. There may be an invitation to coffee or another subtle form of social interaction due to this, heart-throbbing attraction. But when honesty is not fully disclosed both will gladly improvise; one based on responding, the other based on the initial … More False Love

The First Visit

I made my first visit to one of your gatherings, met a few of your family tree; your mother, she seemed very pleased with me. Your sister—was so loving & kind, and your grandmother… sweetly took me into her arms. Your father, had a look of delight, I could see the shine in his eyes; … More The First Visit


  As your words become my soulful ballads, we sing in harmony. ©