The 11th Month

November, almost the end of the year. Some reflect on what they accomplished or fear; others ready to end relationships in order to avoid having to buy holiday presents. Engagement arrangements, families giddy, tolerance is high, and forgiveness is needed. A look into the new year, in hopes of refreshing the soul. Forgive yourself first, … More The 11th Month


It is said that when you look deeply into one’s eyes, you could uncover their internal world. When I look into my mirror, I often wonder if others see you too. ©EN 2021, All Rights Reserved


I sometimes crave your energy more than I ever should, and n my reality, I’m almost never alone… ©EN 2021, All Rights Reserved


I heard the numerous knocks,  as you viewed the past.  What is it you left behind?  A troubled soul  that dragged you in?  Their foundation was  only meant to take from you,  to build themselves up  and wittingly earn your trust.  Glad to know you made it through,  searching for me,  reestablishing You…  ©EN 2021, … More Break


I taste the day,  you’re in my dreams. Today I live in fantasy,  as I awaken from the night…  ©EN 2021, All Rights Reserved


Both stomach and feet trip at the sound of your voice; I lose my balance… ©EN, All Rights Reserved

How to Forgive

While reading through comments on a YouTube video, I came across the question “How does one forgive?” They heard many times forgive situations but did not know how to, especially dealing with an evil person (sounded highly narcissistic to me). My version of forgiveness for those that no longer want to deal with the person’s … More How to Forgive


It’s been a few years I’ve moved to this state. The first two took some time to feel that I belonged, I felt somewhat alienated. The third was the “accepting” stage, and now I know my way. Equipped with a vehicle I get to go beyond, explore and create my escapades. Things have changed and … More Content


Unknowingly angry,  bitter internally.  Maskingly smiling  but always seen wearingly.  The negative energy  begins to overflow.  Those close and around you  talk of its obvious growth.  The invisible bubble  that we all experience.  Built up its barrier  so you solely live in it.  Carrying its burdens  everywhere you go;  no one is oblivious  they sense … More Moody


There is no disconnect though you and I aren’t here. The mind has a certain way of keeping your heart near. For we exist amongst the planes (and curious you seem to be), for that his how you call on me through the waves of life’s frequencies. ©EN 2021, All Rights Reserved