Spiritually Bound

I’ve searched in books
and through people I value
although fundamental, no real breakthrough

Something’s elusive, a driving force
I can’t quite explain it, but a beautiful source

Seeking & searching, I’m aware of my being
an emptiness filling, and something is leading

My quirky priorities, are no longer random
I now find myself with, extra time on my hands

The worries I had, no longer exist
I’ve learned to be in the present
to complete what I’ve missed

An organizational icon, I have become
I found an exchange, a wealth of emotional income

How did this happen…what I have found
is a newness in me, that is spiritually bound



Constructive Criticism…

Some people have a hard time but hearing the same thing, are all those people right?… It’s not meant to put you down, but build you up to excel.

Just think:

I must reconsider, not let the words hurt
and learn not to react
with the first words that I blurt

With calmness, I’ll listen
and sleep on the thought
with good judgement weight options
and then will respond

Consulting my being, my true inner thoughts
if all negative feelings
I’ll just have to move on

If positive outcome, I can foresee
I thank you for the pathway, on improving me

Once out of denial, accepting the truth
the result quite delightful
and I learn to respect you


Smell of a Fire

The smell of a fire so soothing to me
relaxes my mind, and releases creativity
the snaps & the crackles, the colors of flame
the cool night brings me closer, and my warmth I reclaim

I cherish the scent, of the wood burning fire
surrounded by nature, igniting another desire

Mesmerized, in a slight trance to the sound
of the musical crickets singing their song
on this night we could dance, once everyone’s gone
under the stars, ’til sun’s early dawn


No Need to Be Perfect

Don’t use a fake line
just to connect with me
I find it mature, if you approach with more dignity
a simple “hi” and then your name
is more appealing than those old games

And if you are shy, that’s even cuter
I don’t have a “pass the test” meter

Just be yourself, no need to be perfect
let me see who you are
I hope for a man with respect
if we get along, just from this moment
we will meet again, and let the friendship be open

Maybe with time, we both can decide
if we should continue, or we should cut ties
sometimes relationships lead to great friends
and if that’s the case, I’ll be glad we began





Yesterday I sat on the balcony
I silently asked God for a sign
it was somewhat specific-a bird I wanted to see
on the railing to let me know that we were aligned

Within 20 minutes, a black & white woodpecker
landed on the top of the vertical strip of the railing
it was so close, I was in awe
since the balcony is, truly quite small

Then came the humor…
That beautiful bird, that I never had seen
slid down the railing, to the end just for me
before it took off, as still as I was
I had a huge smile—love sent from above


I Can’t Fall In Love Again…

A wonderful emotion creeping into my being
in a state of delusion, and my mind blindly leading
yearning for a form of contact to brighten my day
yet a not too distant reminder, it may not always be this way

I can’t fall in love again, we are better off friends
the oh-so-common future, may hold lack of respect
eventually fighting and hate there could be
if one day the illusion reveals the true person from what I see

In this case, I sacrifice my feelings
in hopes to remain your confidant
always looking forward to the few calls, or gatherings
where we have good times with all of the friends

My instinct warning me to closely listen
with friendship respect, I look forward to our meeting again


Better Alone…

Why am I with you, but feel so alone
when you walk in the door, is the feeling so strong
that’s when I have to face, our reality
if things don’t change, you need you to leave

How do I know this? When you’re gone I’m at peace
no worries of fighting, my love has decreased
so much mental abuse, I’m better off on my own
can’t you tell by my strength, how much I have grown

We used to be happy, together were free
but due to your pride, we may longer be