In an instant your life can change. A baby’s born, a baby’s made. Our emotional journey is what life is about. The good and the bad, our story no doubt. Falling in love, then faced with divorce. The interval changes where love has died off. The process of finding ourselves once again. Hold on to … More Instant


The grandness of life could be so confusing. Deceived by what we ought to think, and the spirit of nature’s reality. An initial lost connection either way; one should be rewarding, the other…emotional death. ©EN, All Rights Reserved (Repost)


As temporary as life is,  as well as all relationships,  I give thanks for all of the experiences.  The positive, negative  and various exciting moments,  all come together, unite one more time.  Their memories and emotions  build one last day’s notions,  as I prepare my soul  to cleanse itself.  The end of the road.  As … More Entrance

Caramel Coated

The sweetness was so tender.  Until it was no more.  Time licked away  and peeled to the core  what was hidden from sight.  Yet I desperately grasped onto mine.  I couldn’t shed the tears  as the sugar caramelized.  I had to add the butter;  the fatness of life,  the pureness that has come to heart,  … More Caramel Coated


Hmmm, there’s a lightness in the air,  nostalgic moments were brought up.  The longing to find you,  was not a stroke of luck.  Our youthful silliness,  causing giggles and lovely imageries  as we shared truthful thoughts  of our old time memories.  Some things that were not known  until our four-plus decades’ conversation.  How sweet those … More Reconnected


If I fail to recognize  what others seem to joyfully compliment.   Why do I tend to feel so lost?   Why is it I can’t seem to accept the encouragement,   and that it leaves me somewhat alienated?   Afterall, its whimsy essence is  always there within my reach.   Confidence is not the issue.   I’d gladly participate,  and … More Whimsy


Missed holiday light show again  as days busied in art and reading  the joy was so misleading…  ©EN 2023, All Rights Reserved


I am stilled by the words that I’m not sure were intended, or just a misunderstanding.  Unexpected surprises lead to contemplation.  Should I even keep trying, or just risk and not delay?…  ©EN 2022, All Rights Reserved


As I lay down my troubles I realize their true intentions; to stop and reevaluate my current situation.  I peel the burdening weight constraining me, and discover all those subtle layers became unbearable with time.  The day I finally recognize this, I shed those years of falsehoods, pain and resentment.  And no one seems to understand why I’m so free to always speak truth…  ©EN 2022, … More Realistic


Emotional instability causes some to become reasonably creepy. I know they will NEVER view it that way, and cannot comprehend  that their maniacal behaviors, are only pushing others away. And I observe, as the evidence continues to accumulate. ©EN 2022, All Rights Reserved