There’s an overwhelming peace in me
my “beauty of life” is speaking to me
I’m going to let this energy flow
as it will express the new words I’ll compose…




Believing in someone
or things of this world
moments to treasure
like a game of truth or dare

The only problem, I now perceive
is why was it so often
I didn’t believe in me…


(This is my 100th post on this site.  Thank you to all that have spent their precious time with me.)

Will You Come Home…

I didn’t mean to cause you
so much agony, affliction & misery
I took you for granted
and foolishly thought, you would never leave

A thousand times, I offer my apologies
and am begging you, please listen
will you come home
can you love me again…


Inside The Temple

I enter it when I close my eyes
breathing deeply, absorbing a vibe
I see different pictures
each time I enter
they’re never the same ones
as there is an infinite sum

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