Silent Prayers

Open mind and open heart, silent prayers, reach to the source for when I wake, I get a call the heavy burden, by grace is gone an overwhelming gratefulness, upon my soul, you gave me rest the silent power, just you and I; you heard my soul’s, internal cries… ©EN, All Rights Reserved

The Unforeseen

It’s an exciting day! I’m at the airport waiting to officially see you for the first time. I know how you look, you have an idea of how I am, hopefully, you won’t be disappointed. We see each other, you recognize me. We both approach, yet we’re not quite sure how to greet. I go … More The Unforeseen


A simple pleasure extinguishes all negativity; my singular thought… to have you here with me. © EN, All Rights Reserved

Evolving (2)

Sometimes retrospect can be quite beautiful. Especially when one can observe how much more they have progressed. It’s usually due to a difficult experience; but, there’s no need to wait until then. Look forward, beyond the now. Where do you see yourself? If you can’t answer you don’t have a dream; which means you’re lacking … More Evolving (2)

Cosmic Diamond

When stars seem to multiply, I send you kisses in the night; and when one falls that’s far away, it leads you to the place I stay. I travel light just to explore; (I’m coming closer from afar). Look up and search  the stars tonight, for the cosmic diamond,  as I float by. © EN, … More Cosmic Diamond