Your Special Day

Today is a special day. It is my sister’s birthday. I recently realize, her and my brother are the same age for a month. (I guess I never really gave it much thought.) And as I calculate, the first three above me; my mom was pregnant within two to three months just after each baby … More Your Special Day


Since every one you meet has a special moment in your life: For some reason, which I cannot define, my heart warms when I read your poems. They seem to evoke a special meaning. An anointing of some kind, that clearly tips my writing vibes toward emotions that always seem to rhyme. If I could … More Anointing

False Love

  It starts with eye-candy leading to inquisitive curiosities; wondering if you’re interested in me. There may be an invitation to coffee or another subtle form of social interaction due to this, heart-throbbing attraction. But when honesty is not fully disclosed both will gladly improvise; one based on responding, the other based on the initial … More False Love

Inner Darkness

Love, ending but you’re not quite ready; you box yourself in walls of resistance. But one day, (not knowing how long), you, yourself will tear those walls down… © EN, All Rights Reserved


I do my best and sins confess, combating my old self. Mind gets to see the wrong in me, then my heart is well; knowing, God still believes in me… © En, All Rights Reserved


In another world, that somehow becomes magical. A source of energy leaving one high, that continues when going to bed at night. Culminating ideas, it brings out the best of them in you. A force so strong time’s in a different realm. What is it? The wonders of  Love… © EN, All Rights Reserved

Modality Shift

Though I know not the number of years I’ve left to live, I give God my thanks for the past and what is… I’m to use up this time, make the most of what I can; for in joy is how life was meant to be lived. © EN, All Rights Reserved

Passing By…

I bask upon our memories of stories told and fully lived. I now feel the silent distance, of how we were and what now is. I ask a simple question. When did this all happen? Both in our initial meeting and how we faded…to disappearing. “We” were somehow lost in between. © EN, All Rights … More Passing By…

Asking God Why…

In wondering why the world is the way it is. You ask God to show you the way. Why are so many people poor? He then opens a special door. Oblivious to how He sometimes handles things, you find yourself just short of funds. Worrying, anxious, can’t sleep at night. The following day-your company will … More Asking God Why…