Discovering Me

(Flashback Friday) I stepped into religion looking for my “self” and learned the fundamentals.  I stepped into a new one, and learned a bit more about spirituality-although it was still limited.  I stepped out of religion because “something” was missing. So I pondered on my own,  combining what I have learned and discovered the true … More Discovering Me

You Made Me Better

(Flashback Friday) I know that it hurts, to break up with your man But if he cheated on you, you must take a stand If he tries to get back with you, just give yourself some time To think about your future, and release the hurt inside We never know the answers, when the loneliness … More You Made Me Better

When Wisdom Speaks

As I savor quietness, or so I thought, a little too much released in deep talk my mouth not moving and I am alone yet wisdom has stories that need to be told and I, just listen… ©   Photo: Googleimages


Happily helping everyone give a good karma and then some but too insecure to take care of the self too busy helping everyone else yes, ideal it seems to me to others, I try to please taking credit, for the duties I’ve given (and then telling everyone all about them) I, I, I, yeah-we all … More Self-Centered


It begins with a slight envy that thrives to become a nasty old jealousy someone’s wondering why you think you’re so special because they’ve been rejected you are too down-to-earth and your demeanor’s so welcoming they smile in front of you trying to get info from you to later attempt to ruin your plans from … More Envy


  Ingesting the bitter just to be sweet when speaking up could have prevented the birth of an internal crisis ©   Photo:  Freeimages

The Table

At this table everyone is welcome but many will not allow their presence you see, to dine here you must give what is required in order to eat for some, it comes easily for others, not so as they hold on too long to the bitterness or is it pride… also served at this table, … More The Table