If I could, would I attempt it try to stop time so I can savor it stay in some moments not letting the day end, how long would it be before I hit “play” again not to lose time in between, so nothing is totally missed just time standing still, a little longer than it … More Still

Hypothetical Life

The ups and downs of life and all, I tend to write releasing thoughts computer’s burning with the words that I fear, the paper is owner of all of my tears and I’m shaking excessively trying to hold onto my pen, as I write and try to fight, the demons of this hypothetical life but … More Hypothetical Life

Ponder This…

If in life we are to discover our purpose and we are led to great lies in hopes to never discover truth, then is it not, the internal truth that once discovered, releases the weight and burdens of the lies we initially tried to live, or, is the burden greater due to the lies we … More Ponder This…


Good times fill the heart whether with friends, or dabbling with art family—waves of emotions good, bad and all, someone’s most likely taking a fall life is to be experienced, pushed to the limits sometimes, it’s a negative image a reason, like the disciples to use your life as an example showing you can change, … More Relevant

Love Bug

It is Spring once again and the warmth will deliver in it a bug, that some will embrace but others, will try their best to prevent You see, those that feel unworthy and lost when the love bug bites, will often question, why me… what have I to offer with time Love comes in many … More Love Bug


Born with a natural electronic field, grounded to the earth’s limitless yield magnetic, in many ways both as a human and natural in cells growing up and losing ground taught of ups and downs, leading the way-cryptic teachings, causing the mind to lose some of its natural being to one day grow up and find … More Grounded

“Wake Up” Call…

Life is so simple, but it has been made complicated filling emotional needs with material things, needing to be told exactly how to think… a darkness calls, it’s what your taught, debt, stress, competitive crisis you must have earned it, knowing, there were other logical choices a greater need for love and peace, no longer … More “Wake Up” Call…