The anomaly of awakened soul is confounding in various ways. The rhythm, unfamiliar. Yet a sense of belonging, or has it found home again… ©EN, All Rights Reserved


A comforting calmness knowing you will be okay; when confirming (to this day), that you still have faith. © EN, All Rights Reserved

Emotionally Lost

I hear your tones, in waves of beauty; so pleasing to the soul. My mind resets when I hear it, (the cello in the mix). I don’t know why I want to cry, but tears begin to form… I listen on, the beauty of, composer’s heart at work.               … More Emotionally Lost


Sometimes I sit, no thought in mind alone and in my room. As I await, a thought to rest; I hope it will come soon… Creation’s magic speaks to me, a poem so soft and sweet. Am I to write this down(?) I ask, or is it just for me… © EN, All Rights Reserved

The Offering

I have nothing but love to give a river infinitely flowing, although no special one loves me or at least, it is unknown blessed in heart, throughout my life I can only offer wisdom for advice, I will not argue, and will not plea all I offer, is internally free my newfound focus, all the … More The Offering


The sun’s going down, the sky is quite beautiful; time for the soul to remove what’s unusablefrom my conscious thoughts, as I peacefully slumber. The things I need to confront, not this day-but another… ©EN, All Rights Reserved