Colorful Fall – Seasonal Post

The ending of summer, as nature displaysthe red and gold leaves, changing in stages. The strong windy days, knocking leaves off the branches,leaving big gaps, and exposing the nests in them. The cool early mornings and somewhat warm days, eventually leading to, cold bitter nights. The last chance for camping, with bonfires to keep warm;and placing toasted marshmallows between … More Colorful Fall – Seasonal Post

In the Valley

The hills are high and beautiful,  the valleys low and green. The water sparkles everywhere,it’s nature-filtered clean. The valley is a lowly place, to get some restand ruminate. I ponder on the mountainscape    to gather strength,   to get refreshed; and then move onto higher ground… ©EN, All Rights Reserved

After the Storm

These beautiful clouds  appeared after a big storm.  The rain was a deluge;  wherein small rivers were formed.  Garages-some flooded,  depending on the angle of the lot;  but the beauty of the quilted, cotton-like clouds… for many, feeling honored to see those wonderous mounds.  ©EN, All Rights Reserved