Rising Sun

Today I wear a smile
that shines upon my face
as if the sun has risen
just for me today

Today I feel so special
yet, I’m not sure why
but I’ll embrace this moment
and watch for other signs



Sound of Water

The sound of water flowing
wherever it may be
calls to my soul
inducing me to want to sleep

Mesmerizing feelings, in the day’s light
has me daydreaming, don’t wake me
let me for a while be free
my soul temporarily escaping
in this daydream

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No Thank You…

In this world, some people gauge success by the material objects they own; or a certain amount of liquid assets of amounts untold.  I always was and will always be, of a simple yet complex nature, that’s how God made me.

I say no thank you:

To expensive, gaudy jewelry.  I prefer dainty and it suits my needs.  I don’t need to sparkle full of gems, silver & gold. My frame is petite, truth be told.

I say no thank you:

To a big house with too many rooms. It’s too much to clean, if we’re only two. A nice size home with an office & spare room. For our entertaining, a decent sized yard-to bring us together, not split us apart.

I say no thank you:

To a cabinet full of fake food. Visually tempting, but for the body not at all good.  I rather have less in the pantry but healthy on my plate, to serve my body well, as I give thanks with grace.

I say no thank you:

To a vehicle with all of the bells & whistles. Too many sensors means quite a few breakdowns. Simple comforts and just the right size, color & style pleasing to my eyes.  Above all, what I fully seek is a very reliable ride, well suited for me.

I say no thank you:

To a professional man, knowing too well what are his plans.  I already know and don’t want to compete, with the almighty dollar and no time for me.

I may be simple, but my life is grand.  I travel when I want to and I have no demands. My writing a hobby and I’m having fun, I can walk to the river to bask in the sun.



Colorful Fall

The ending of summer, as nature displays
the red and gold leaves, changing in stages
the strong windy days, knocking leaves off the tree branches
leaving big gaps and exposing the nests in them

The cool early mornings, and somewhat warm days
eventually leading to cold, bitter nights
the last chance of camping, with bonfires to keep warm
the melting marshmallows
between graham crackers and chocolate bars

Fishing the rivers, while flowers fade by the banks
the wildflowers once overhanging, creating some shade
that’s where the fish hide on hot summer days
protecting their bodies from the heat of the sun’s rays

Although the fall is quite beautiful
some people get SAD, which is understandable
not long behind, are the northern cold blasts
to the cold winter days, that too long seem to last


Star Dust


The sound of the crickets
and a dog barking from afar
the sun due to settle
in less than an hour

The sky oh so beautiful
can’t help but to gaze
the stars soon to appear
so will the moon and its face

The star-dust, as it falls
onto the earth, giving life in its matter
from the Milky Way and beyond
to a universal force, we all beautifully, respond

The human generation
for we are all one
God’s work, so intricate, is never done

Civilizations come and go
self-destruction, who’s to blame
as we play the game of a dream state of mind
making one wonder where is the afterlife…

Heaven on earth a continuum, or a rewind
sent from on high to live a new realm
that descends as it’s summoned from beyond-the I AM



Soft Summer Storm

I like rain drops slowly falling
the smell in the air
the winds gently blowing
and the rain the clouds share

I look forward to the exchange
of your soft rumbles soothing my soul
the darkness quickly clearing
to a picturesque rainbow

Along with the sun
and the freshness bought forth
to cleanse away the old
and allow continued growth

The ions dancing in the air
the birds out, flying & singing
renewing my spirit, through mother nature as I observe
the intricate powers of the wonderful universe