As the beautiful soft music plays my mind tends to meditate picking up words through its vibes penning them down for someone to read tonight the joy and comfort resonates as the frequencies and the mind are of the same traveling in a cosmic state to catch the ones that are on the same … More Musical

Rising Sun

Today I wear a smile that shines upon my face as if the sun has risen just for me today Today I feel so special yet, I’m not sure why but I’ll embrace this moment and watch for other signs ©

Energy Wave

My mind tingles with energy when you are in my thoughts not quite sure, what that is all about Frequencies, finding their own way through my conductor of energy is my heart open today or am I on your frequency wave… ©

Sound of Water

The sound of water flowing wherever it may be calls to my soul inducing me to want to sleep Mesmerizing feelings, in the day’s light has me daydreaming, don’t wake me let me for a while be free my soul temporarily escaping in this daydream

No Thank You…

In this world, some people gauge success by the material objects they own; or a certain amount of liquid assets of amounts untold.  I always was and will always be, of a simple yet complex nature, that’s how God made me. I say no thank you: To expensive, gaudy jewelry.  I prefer dainty and it … More No Thank You…

Colorful Fall

The ending of summer, as nature displays the red and gold leaves, changing in stages the strong windy days, knocking leaves off the tree branches leaving big gaps and exposing the nests in them The cool early mornings, and somewhat warm days eventually leading to cold, bitter nights the last chance of camping, with bonfires … More Colorful Fall

Star Dust

  The sound of the crickets and a dog barking from afar the sun due to settle in less than an hour The sky oh so beautiful can’t help but to gaze the stars soon to appear so will the moon and its face The star-dust, as it falls onto the earth, giving life in … More Star Dust