Universal Art

When preoccupied with obtaining tangible “trophies” for their hard work, one often forgets, nature is waiting to be appreciated and is the free artwork of the universe © Advertisements

Flowing Wonder

Sprouting flowers blooming trees, sparkling water of this river I see diamond effects from the sun’s light, majestic moments as I absorb in my mind the beauty and wonder of this moment in time ©

Beauty of Nature

The ocean’s waves, calm rivers or creeks the mirroring image of still riverbanks the scent of the earth, the flowers and trees the sound of the birds, the bugs and those bees it finally reached us, warm weather-it’s Spring the beauty of nature, that gradually, is colored in… ©


  As the beautiful soft music plays my mind tends to meditate picking up words through its vibes penning them down for someone to read tonight the joy and comfort resonates as the frequencies and the mind are of the same traveling in a cosmic state to catch the ones that are on the same … More Musical

Rising Sun

Today I wear a smile that shines upon my face as if the sun has risen just for me today Today I feel so special yet, I’m not sure why but I’ll embrace this moment and watch for other signs ©