Water Colors

The brush dips into my being ready to create a blend of sorts. The paper’s prepared; the bristles’ pressure making waves of optical pleasure as the artist’s outline begins to fulfill its desire. Life is given to a form that anyone is capable of defining as charmingly beautiful… The application of the bewitching flow quite … More Water Colors


In the forest of the night, the shadows create fear. When I’m planted at its entrance I know I’ve been there many times. As the body slowly settles down and my mind beings to be, unraveled thoughts of the day’s events I’m transcended into this scene. The greatest competition, (the pull & push of life), … More Shadows

Fall Changes

Blown amongst the strength of wind, releasing twigs and dead leaves spin; free to fly to decompose, and make new life beyond Winter’s snow. ©EN 2021, All Rights Reserved


Blow as you may and flow with the wind, descending in places where you’ve never been. Each landing surface with hope to achieve a rebirth, but not all of your energy will grasp with the earth… ©EN 2021, All Rights Reserved


In thoughts I say a prayer or two,  first giving thanks  then asking proof  of simple things…  am I my best,  or does my God  have further plans?  I wait and watch  as few days pass,  I get my answers  no longer trapped,  and I’m fully aware  my time is shortened  each day that I … More Awaiting


I sometimes crave your energy more than I ever should, and n my reality, I’m almost never alone… ©EN 2021, All Rights Reserved


I heard the numerous knocks,  as you viewed the past.  What is it you left behind?  A troubled soul  that dragged you in?  Their foundation was  only meant to take from you,  to build themselves up  and wittingly earn your trust.  Glad to know you made it through,  searching for me,  reestablishing You…  ©EN 2021, … More Break


When soul’s reached such a calmness, a certain energy has cleared. It then moves on as a rushing wind and dries away old tears. An elevated level; within–a sense of strength. There’s blissfulness, and peacefulness that dwells within the spirit. ©EN 2021, All Rights Reserved


Unknowingly angry,  bitter internally.  Maskingly smiling  but always seen wearingly.  The negative energy  begins to overflow.  Those close and around you  talk of its obvious growth.  The invisible bubble  that we all experience.  Built up its barrier  so you solely live in it.  Carrying its burdens  everywhere you go;  no one is oblivious  they sense … More Moody