I sit and try not to think, but it’s much harder than it seems. With eyes open,   surrounding sounds are noticed; but when eyes are closed, the space is smaller and definitely louder. The magic of within and without… Many try to avoid the calling of old. So desperate to be released. ©2021,EN, All Rights … More Stillness


In a perplexedstate of whackiness,confusion rides on high. No, it cannot be hiddenand here’s the reason why: with your contemptand racing mindyour brainand mouth collided, and truth was toldnow I beholdresults of younot lying… ©2021,EN, All Rights Reserved


You see my experiences through cosmic eyes, in all that I do speak, feel and try. You see my experiences within and without, some obstructing my thoughts by creating doubt. At last I am growing; I’m better at determining between my wants and my needs, and can fully acknowledge all of my blessings. ©2020,EN, All … More Observing


Temptation always offers  an instantaneous rewarding system,  and selfishness is often a resulting means.  But a balanced mind always knows  to compare, beware, and when the thought needs to go.  The response could simply be…  no, you’re not deceiving me.  ©2020,EN, All Rights Reserved


I learn as much as I can  in various fields,  in order to survive… ©2020,EN, All Rights Reserved


I listen oh so carefully  as I try to detect your energy.  Is it in survival mode,  or are you set to go with the flow?  Your eyes do sparkle with lovely hints,  that you’re not deeply suffering.  I guess you are well.  at least in my sight.  Or is it,  that we give  each … More Unison


Boredom is as it may be, driving some to creativity. Be it big as a statue or small as a fly, it entertained the mind for a while. ©2020,EN, All Rights Reserved


If your endeavors got you nowhere, how could you improve on potential opportunities, without acknowledging the value of past life lessons?… ©2020,EN, All Rights Reserved

In Your Presence

I cannot recall all the days that are gone, but here I exist with you in my plans. And when I am done from this part of your world, will you rejoice when to you, I return. But for now I shall live in the beauty and warmth, of your comforting me in my spirit, … More In Your Presence