Spirit of Love

The Christmas spirit
stolen from some
or in reality, was it given up

A surrendering attitude
for a past love, that is gone
and they’ve taken with them
the part of the spirit, that releases your love

Tapping the heart
as that verse was read
a justified anger, enters your head
a deafening call, that no one can hear
an outcry to the soul, and then you declare

“What have I done, how could it be
I lost the most precious gift, inside of me”
and within that moment, there is a change
your spirit complete, you’re no longer estranged

Able to love, and be loved again
your life begins, to feel so refreshed
and while addressing a spiritual need
you have found, your internal peace



Photo:  Bing Free Clips




Christmas Love

The cold is getting bitter
the leaves are now all gone
the gloominess the clouds dispense
the sun seems almost lost

But there is something magical
for weeks, it fills the air
the people change and rearrange
their love is everywhere

It’s not all about the presents
nor the pretty decorations
It’s putting down, the pride for now
while celebrating the generations

If you take away the presents
the trees and all the lights
the beauty of, the Christmas love
is all I want for life…



Just Because

Can you take time off just for me
embrace me like tomorrow will cease
slow dance with me, until we reach the moon
as we both float off, in a hot air balloon

Can we snuggle and watch the stars through the skylight
making me yours until morning’s sunrise
I’m not asking much, as I never do
fulfill my needs, and it benefits you

Just because, is a wonderful way
to express your love and in my heart, it’s engraved
letting me know how much you care
as I respond to your enticing flair…


Photo: Freeimages

I Want to be Told…

I’ve been quiet
I’ve been still
No plans to honor
and  a love to fill

Preparing my thoughts, not quite sure why
but there’s a new feeling, deep down inside

Could it be your smile, the shine in your eyes
that captivates me and makes my heart fly
or is it your voice, that I long to hear
I know that you’re present, and I could be near

All I know is, I want you to hold me
I want to be close
I want you to know me
I want to be told
that in your eyes, I do exist
and that, you too, feel exactly like this


Identity Crisis

After a breakup, next comes the hurt
a rocket’s flare lit, as their soul leaves the heart

No room for comfort or consolation
a massive distortion of a powerful nature

Never returning to your original person
sometimes more bitter, sometimes a better version
the principle issue, was a lesson to be learned
was your identity lost in the very beginning
or was it lost in the relationship’s ending…


Will You Come Home…

I didn’t mean to cause you
so much agony, affliction & misery
I took you for granted
and foolishly thought, you would never leave

A thousand times, I offer my apologies
and am begging you, please listen
will you come home
can you love me again…