Both stomach and feet trip at the sound of your voice; I lose my balance… ©EN, All Rights Reserved


I listen oh so carefully  as I try to detect your energy.  Is it in survival mode,  or are you set to go with the flow?  Your eyes do sparkle with lovely hints,  that you’re not deeply suffering.  I guess you are well.  at least in my sight.  Or is it,  that we give  each … More Unison


…and as the music plays my heart wanders, my musings blossom as I listen for your masculine echoes from beyond… ©EN, All Rights Reserved


Our direction matters not, though the distance seems so far. It’s the intersection of destiny, where we shall finally meet. ©EN, All Rights Reserved


A target was hit, that others had missed because it turned itself sideways. Too thin to attempt, it didn’t want to connect. But then you sent waves in; and with time, the target slowly turned facing only you. Thus, there was no way You could miss © EN, All Rights Reserved

Covid Visits

(Watching a lot of families on YouTube. Keeping their distance, but visiting when they can. I got a lump in my throat, and then…came this poem:) Visits to the family, watching from behind the scenes. Elders worrying, grandparents’ hearts tearing;  the bitter-sweetness of seeing, but unable to shower with kisses, or to even touch, their … More Covid Visits


Don’t you dare look into my fervent eyes, kisses might escape… © EN, All Rights Reserved

Christmas Love

The cold is getting bitter, the leaves are now all gone; the gloominess the clouds dispense,  the sun seems almost lost. But there is something magical, for weeks, it fills the air; the people change and rearrange their love is everywhere. It’s not all about the presents, nor the pretty decorations. It’s putting down, the … More Christmas Love


My hand wants to continue to write. My mind speaks intuitive thoughts; but the heart, oh so cautiously wants to shut it all out. So just for you, I tore a wall down… © EN, All Rights Reserved