Quick to anger, slow to forgive; mind in turmoil, a dense heart. © EN All Rights Reserved Advertisements


(Short Story) A friend asks, “what you doing today?” I state taking a quiet walk by the river to get regenerated; find my way. She wants to know what I’m taking with me, head phones, following an app of some sort…  I tell her it will just be me and nature-no distractions. She considers the … More Serenity

Two Souls

Last night in my dreams I was asking if you had enough t-shirts in your luggage. Then the sound of a morning bird woke me up naturally, disturbing my thoughts. Now I wonder, will our souls meet again… © All Rights Reserved

Fountain Magic

The attraction of a park, garden or plaza, many sit on my edge, throwing their coins in and making a wish. I grant some to dreamers with hearts of gold, to dedicated lovers… I help frame your wedding photos. Your album contains a park-setting’s scenery, filled with nature’s awesome greenery; and you return, once again, … More Fountain Magic

Cold Night

As we walk, the cool wind blows and I’m beginning to feel cold. You see me scrunch thus take my hand, and I feel the warmth return again. ©  All Rights Reserved

The Journey

An anchored soul fixed in the head, to never fall in love again. No sleepless nights, or arguing. No thought-provoking compromising. I make my path and take it in, the beauty of life’s wonderment. I speak my peace and there it is, a kindred soul of loveliness… ©