False Love

  It starts with eye-candy leading to inquisitive curiosities; wondering if you’re interested in me. There may be an invitation to coffee or another subtle form of social interaction due to this, heart-throbbing attraction. But when honesty is not fully disclosed both will gladly improvise; one based on responding, the other based on the initial … More False Love


I do my best and sins confess, combating my old self. Mind gets to see the wrong in me, then my heart is well; knowing, God still believes in me… © En, All Rights Reserved

Modality Shift

Though I know not the number of years I’ve left to live, I give God my thanks for the past and what is… I’m to use up this time, make the most of what I can; for in joy is how life was meant to be lived. © EN, All Rights Reserved


The river is heightened by Spring’s snow melting, as citizens worry of flooded streets closing; cumbersome ride to work… © EN, All Rights Reserved

Desk Lamp

In high demand when one can’t sleep. I get turned on so you can see. You read, you write, (or maybe type). Sometimes I’m on throughout the night. Insomnia—until daylight. © EN, All Rights Reserved

Heart of the Mind

I dance my way through emotional pain. Many would say, you’re masking it. I respond, “no—I’m not letting it seep in.” I am the one who must control its might; and dancing is the way I fight. All the anguish that tries to settle in. I refuse to let it win. So I dance, and … More Heart of the Mind


Upon your words I test your strength; I make you laugh, and always win. I give my thanks (I always do), as you restore my purpose too. This particular struggle took years to resolve; but it’s finally over, and I get to move on. © EN, All Rights Reserved


Precious is the moment something makes you smile. Changing your heart’s point of view, even just awhile. © EN, All Rights Reserved


A mellow day, it’s freezing out! This will contribute to my being homebound. I think I’ll paint, or maybe write; I’ll think of you  while music’s on. Regardless of the cold outside, my happy zone… all four above. © EN All Rights Reserved