You gently changed my livelihood, and I held on as best I could. I prayed you take my fears away, and now I wait to celebrate. I come to fully understand, you’ve given me a better plan; that even through my times of trials, I’ve gained a freedom and my future is brighter. © EN … More Calamity

Made With Love

Why is my mind completely engulfed, with tiny home living and a life of homesteading trying new recipes, mastering food dehydration, not sure though, that I want to do canning the old ways, they always return as if they were new things, we just had to learn… enough is enough, convenience is gone, watching out … More Made With Love

Fate & Grace

A long time ago when life was more complicated, leaving the body & mind so drained caught up in the “norm” of repetitive cycles, a bit too easy and life, no longer pleasing fate knocked for it had looked me up, and granted me quite a hard time it lasted so long but created a … More Fate & Grace


when one has an emotional need, they search for prey until they succeed in hopes of satisfying, a heart that is drowning in their own stench of lies ©


You made me so happy when you stepped out of that comfort zone for you and I both knew, how that attempt made you a bit blue and now the comeback, dropping insecurities and all using it to make a persuasive statement there’s always rhyme and reason when shedding the sense of being beaten and … More Delight


When you think you’re stuck, you’re just in a limited mind frame, explore various thoughts, invite a few possibilities and make something happen, by making a change the rest will be the journey of your needing new experiences ©

Going Crazy

When seeing things from a different perspective sometimes in life, I get rejected a generous form of love that I can’t always convey, a good handful of people, can always relate not caring of so much stupidity, not making it my life’s priority a calm soul, as if they know, some, wish they could be … More Going Crazy

Life’s Story

(This is posted on both sites today!) I have learned through many years, when upset and shedding tears not to ask “why me,” but to watch for what this is to teach a greater picture will surely unfold, as my life’s story gets told and I discover, all the reasons behind various puzzles and all … More Life’s Story