(Flashback from my ReconnectedMind site) Most people hide their scars, but there is beauty because of them: A baby is allowed to live, a body’s saved, someone’s no longer in pain. A beauty mark has been removed; for some in life, they’ve been renewed. A fight ensued, a soul is trapped, to the breaking point … More Scars


When a lover’s heart has been severed, do not look to youthful emotions that were of innocence, combined with inexperience and, of course, immature ignorance. By all means look back and be sure to grasp, the identity that may have been surrendered in order to please, the now-lost lover; and your true “self,” just might … More Self-Reclamation

Just Release

  You think I’m reserved a touch eccentric, or just a little weird; no, I’m neither of the three, unless you extend this  to being uninhibited. Feel free to join me just being yourself, but always knowing when to convey human respect.  Simple gratitude, and always for everything. For without the negative, where are the … More Just Release


Love conquers when both are willing; but divides when “one” has has too much pride © EN, All Rights Reserved


Carried through the winds a whistling sound in ears; a spiritual matter awakens the human, a darkness…or lesson through fear… © EN, All Rights Reserved


I bring upon you sadness, a lowly state of mind. Within yourself you will address, but sometimes, not know why… A time of self-reflection, internal understanding; my greatest goal, to let you know you’re loved and not abandoned. © EN, All Rights Reserved


Life always provides obstacles regardless of who you are; what matters is how they are handled that demonstrates if you are wise. © EN, All Rights Reserved


Life is not meant to remain in static unhappiness. May faith realign the displaced joy… © EN, All Rights Reserved