I wish you well, a life full of happiness our sad experience the past, forgiven-but not forgotten too bad pride was our demise together the future could have been our paradise Be careful in this cruel world, full of deception and sorrow for there is no promise, of a happy tomorrow Please don’t carry the … More Forgiven

Holding On…

You can’t get over the one thing you hold afraid of the future if you let it go the unknown, uncomfortable because you can’t see the beautiful future life has for thee ©   Photo:  Freebingimages


I overload your senses creating doubt, confusion and questioning why I create a desire causing you to fall into pleasurable selfishness I slowly pull your energy from the peace and joy with which you glisten to make you weak and grey then I claim your body until you find the strength to detach and release … More Temptation

Living On “Dim”

The eyes are bright with love inside not just for a person but also a happy life the beauty that’s offered when one’s not too busy to honor the imagery that God has given although once in a while a storm whirls through trying to steal the love from you causing some, to live on … More Living On “Dim”

What If…

Appreciating the fields of glory as if you and I just kissed that vibrant high one receives when letting someone else know how wonderful you are but had I not have gone through the wailing, treacherous storm how would I have met you what if I had never let it go… ©

Health Codes

Your thoughts dictate your memory in a subconscious state, filed internally your health beholds your state of mind happy-being healthy, and depressed-not being kind You respond to emotions, on a cellular level sending signals of types which respond in a moment searching your spirit, which way do we flow a happy healing or a disease-riddled … More Health Codes