Stress in hyper mode creates eventful thoughts as strange possibilities run their course. ©EN 2022, All Rights Reserved


Haste makes for a path of disgrace, after the response has settled in. ©EN 2021, All Rights Reserve


I take each day as a last, and if I wake, I’m glad that I am.  And each day as my cells slowly die, I’ll shed more tears for you, not me.  I know you’ll cry when I’m fully gone, for all the empty years that have come to pass.  The times we spent, not many together. Your life was too busy, and I felt somewhat severed.  … More Transition


The night eases  into dawn’s early light.  No more dark floating shadows  revealed by the moonlight.  A feeling of victory,   conquering unsettled fears.  An uplifting energy,   affirming no one individual  controls everything…  ©EN2021, All Rights Reserved


When soul’s reached such a calmness, a certain energy has cleared. It then moves on as a rushing wind and dries away old tears. An elevated level; within–a sense of strength. There’s blissfulness, and peacefulness that dwells within the spirit. ©EN 2021, All Rights Reserved


I was not impressed by the words that were said, nor every justification for the things that were mentioned. I was disappointed so many times, in the various set-backs of our struggling relationship. I was relieved after my truths were released, the weight of the tension terrifically freed. I now understand after much time has … More Quandaries


In a perplexedstate of whackiness,confusion rides on high. No, it cannot be hiddenand here’s the reason why: with your contemptand racing mindyour brainand mouth collided, and truth was toldnow I beholdresults of younot lying… ©2021,EN, All Rights Reserved


Temptation always offers  an instantaneous rewarding system,  and selfishness is often a resulting means.  But a balanced mind always knows  to compare, beware, and when the thought needs to go.  The response could simply be…  no, you’re not deceiving me.  ©2020,EN, All Rights Reserved


If your endeavors got you nowhere, how could you improve on potential opportunities, without acknowledging the value of past life lessons?… ©2020,EN, All Rights Reserved