There’s an awakening not all emotions are dead, there were many attempts to have them repressed, but not all of humanity, responded to it, for that is considered, the living dead an apathetic life, is turning life off… to avoid, ignore and even worse, an attempt to not love any more, and that, is not … More Emotionless


Liberated Young and know it all, looking back, lots of laughs, what was I thinking of…. worked many years, having no fears a go-getter, slowly moving up, having less trust, of the management there’s got to be more, I need to explore, a force is moving me stand tall, leave it all, a universal liberty … More Existing


Watching a movie, a blind woman’s learning to dance arm in arm, guided by the man and it hit me…. not having sight heightens the senses, she’s aware of each person making an entrance a lifetime of counting yet we’re not always aware, of another’s movements because we don’t care the blind girl, feeling the … More Blinded

Second Time

The hurt that one can’t fathom relief from will one day dissipate leaving an internal question “can I ever love again” it swallows the soul with a silent concern and yes you can, even more than before what you should not offer is a lost, broken heart, until you find your new identity, your attempts … More Second Time

Tag…3-Day Quote Challenge ~ Day 1

  I’ve been tagged to quote for three consecutive days by one of my favorite sites-The Purple Almond.  Her posts are filled with nutritional health tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  She includes quick recipe videos to get your interest flowing.  You can find her awesome posts here at http://www.thepurplealmond.com/  Thank you for tagging me, … More Tag…3-Day Quote Challenge ~ Day 1

Keeping Me Down

Our natural rhythm has expired I will no longer be carried through the mire we once existed to reach the stars but as usual, one continues while the other, no longer wants to fly too tired of trying to keep up when in reality, I was too much but you can’t admit it so instead, … More Keeping Me Down