Always With You

I was there for your every moment in life
from conception and to this day
through all your accomplishments, small or great

The many hurts and every phase
you made me laugh, cry and
humbled my heart at times

I let you do what you wanted
I even warned you at times
but would not, for you, make up your mind

Your free will, is your learning experiences
but the outcome, public or not, I never missed

I will always be there, no matter where you are
my love for you is never too far

I know that one day, you will come home
until then, I lovingly watch you, from here on my throne


Power in God

Too much time on my hands
I dedicate some to learning
reading and writing, creating a yearning
by mistake, I come across a whole new field
better said, history of a higher knowledge repeating itself

Man cannot hide what the universe has to offer
an awakening of masses in past decades still coming forth
each person given a taste, creating hindsight
to connect the experiences of not knowing how or why

An idea euphoric back in the day
but not giving light to the thought your mind had displayed
finally years later, time to address the same issue
the timing now right, maturity present

An understanding, now given to heart
not sure why or how to start
the answers come flowing in presence of mind
the actions to take, you now give in stride

Epigenetics – Life above the genes
no more predisposition thoughts taking place

The whole body controllable from deep in the soul
the true connection to God, when did we let go…


Emotional Stages…

Struggle – The opportunity to get it right the next time

Worry – A wasted emotion & energy that will make you age early

Hurting – The path to a river of tears to purify the soul

Pain – The epitome of future strength, when you let it go

Release – The soul letting go of past suffering to freedom

Lessons – Once learned, are the forks in the road to tempt you again

Peace – The maturing wisdom that you had to learn to embrace

Spiritual – When all the above have filtered down to internal awareness and a better understanding of life

Bliss – A gift that exudes wisdom & balance when true awareness has been revealed


I Surrender…

During my darkest times and profound fears
in my mind feeling alone in my many tears
giving birth to an unwanted trial, it’s been such a long time
since I’ve had to endure the deepest pain of this kind

This time I know, not to fight-but surrender
You take hold of the struggle, You are the avenger
I don’t have to be weak, You are my only plan
sending legions of angels, my spiritual life in your hands

While letting go, of my prideful ego
the internal struggle, releasing my evil
God taking on my calamity, as I choose not to fight
with my heart I surrender, to your power tonight

With faith lifting my hands up in praise, as you take this burden away

I surrender, and give it to you…

Spiritually Bound

I’ve searched in books
and through people I value
although fundamental, no real breakthrough

Something’s elusive, a driving force
I can’t quite explain it, but a beautiful source

Seeking & searching, I’m aware of my being
an emptiness filling, and something is leading

My quirky priorities, are no longer random
I now find myself with, extra time on my hands

The worries I had, no longer exist
I’ve learned to be in the present
to complete what I’ve missed

An organizational icon, I have become
I found an exchange, a wealth of emotional income

How did this happen…what I have found
is a newness in me, that is spiritually bound



Constructive Criticism…

Some people have a hard time but hearing the same thing, are all those people right?… It’s not meant to put you down, but build you up to excel.

Just think:

I must reconsider, not let the words hurt
and learn not to react
with the first words that I blurt

With calmness, I’ll listen
and sleep on the thought
with good judgement weight options
and then will respond

Consulting my being, my true inner thoughts
if all negative feelings
I’ll just have to move on

If positive outcome, I can foresee
I thank you for the pathway, on improving me

Once out of denial, accepting the truth
the result quite delightful
and I learn to respect you


Smell of a Fire

The smell of a fire so soothing to me
relaxes my mind, and releases creativity
the snaps & the crackles, the colors of flame
the cool night brings me closer, and my warmth I reclaim

I cherish the scent, of the wood burning fire
surrounded by nature, igniting another desire

Mesmerized, in a slight trance to the sound
of the musical crickets singing their song
on this night we could dance, once everyone’s gone
under the stars, ’til sun’s early dawn