In the Winds

  On this beautiful day I recalled, some way the magnificent scenes of both our old dreams and I wonder, why now… how have those thoughts come about, was it a form of magic in the air have the winds delivered them a reminder of how we used to be or was it just you, … More In the Winds


If I could, would I attempt it try to stop time so I can savor it stay in some moments not letting the day end, how long would it be before I hit “play” again not to lose time in between, so nothing is totally missed just time standing still, a little longer than it … More Still

Life Cycles

  I’ve been listening to a lot of research about kids knowing their various pasts.  They could tell you in detail how they died, their past name, job(s), hobbies, date of birth, whole family and location of residence etc.  I find this very fascinating, considering the pattern taught to me of life and death.  So … More Life Cycles


Ancient days with current times, a blending of related lives some things, cannot be suppressed it does not die, upon one’s rest a testing phase, a cleansing soul to open up a hidden zone an energetic state of mind vibrating sounds, of subtle chimes to some they call, they feel within the truth is sought, … More Within


when i’m in a pensive state lost to this world and in another place, there’s so much pleasure as if on a half-lucid journey and wherever i transcended to it always makes me feel renewed a rejuvenated mind, from where i traveled in time not quite sure where but i often visit there, a mysterious … More Daydreams


There are so many things I believe in, feeling a beautiful emotional connection the milky clouds and light-blue skies, the cleansing rain of stormy nights the daylight’s sun and silver moon, the droplets of the morning’s dew that life begins, but also ends we’re just a shell, and then transcend life’s creations, made from pure … More Believe