The Unforeseen

It’s an exciting day! I’m at the airport waiting to officially see you for the first time. I know how you look, you have an idea of how I am, hopefully, you won’t be disappointed. We see each other, you recognize me. We both approach, yet we’re not quite sure how to greet. I go … More The Unforeseen

Not Counting Sheep

  So many nights up reading late; ten books or more in one month’s wake. I doze a time and feel renewed; too dark outside (slept an hour or two). Within a year 50 books or more…. Mind’s wired up and can’t stay bored. What can one do when they can’t sleep, but grab a … More Not Counting Sheep

Desk Lamp

In high demand when one can’t sleep. I get turned on so you can see. You read, you write, (or maybe type). Sometimes I’m on throughout the night. Insomnia—until daylight. © EN, All Rights Reserved

Sweet Dreams

For those nights you cannot sleep, yet have a busy mind; when darkness seems a bit too long, before the sun will rise. I send to you a memory, to quiet down your soul. I pray the Lord will send you peace, and bless your heart of gold. © EN All Rights Reserved