Someone’s hurting to the core, resenting wasted time; feeling desperate looking into prowling eyes. Although sometimes wanting to turn their eyes away; behaving desperately, looking for someone to take the pain away. Distractions that quicken time so the suffering doesn’t seem as long. Adjusting emotions, yet not sure how to. Trying to convince the mind– … More Distraught


Although I have two ears and an empathetic heart, I too sometimes need a set to listen to my broken voice, when I am feeling lost… ©

Limited Space

Everyone tries to hide hurts, fears, guilt and lies under the carpet, in the closet and sometimes, under that cushy pillow pushed, bunched and spread so thin, thinking they will never come back again too much negative matter in a small space, one day the darkness will explode and become your demon of woes living … More Limited Space


melancholic state of mind bringing tears and swollen eyes head is down to hide the pain, won’t let it show, you hide in vain what can’t be seen of pillow cries, although not heard is felt inside together we can get through this i offer you my shoulder then, and hope the hurt will dissipate, … More Hurt

Emotional Pain

The heart stores the emotions the eyes shed the tears, the throat sounds the mourning what the mind cannot bear… © Photo:  Bingfreeimages


  The power of love releases the toxins, returning a lustrous brilliance that you once shined in the beauty, internal longing to be set free, but first you must love yourself then you will see… ©   Photo:  Freeimages  

Love Bug

It is Spring once again and the warmth will deliver in it a bug, that some will embrace but others, will try their best to prevent You see, those that feel unworthy and lost when the love bug bites, will often question, why me… what have I to offer with time Love comes in many … More Love Bug


When trying to hold hurt feelings within the tear duct cannot hide what the body feels inside turning away not to let it show and I walk into another room to let those hurtful tears roll down the cheeks until they slowly stop, on their own did you know there are different types of tears, … More Tears

Dance Therapy

Remember the days we used to go out dancing all night, closing the place and then the group would go out to eat we had so much fun back then that no one would want to leave, we all became great friends healing the old damage within every weekend dancing it off getting to know … More Dance Therapy