Dance Therapy

Remember the days we used to go out dancing all night, closing the place and then the group would go out to eat we had so much fun back then that no one would want to leave, we all became great friends healing the old damage within every weekend dancing it off getting to know … More Dance Therapy


I wish you well, a life full of happiness our sad experience the past, forgiven-but not forgotten too bad pride was our demise together the future could have been our paradise Be careful in this cruel world, full of deception and sorrow for there is no promise, of a happy tomorrow Please don’t carry the … More Forgiven

Holding On…

You can’t get over the one thing you hold afraid of the future if you let it go the unknown, uncomfortable because you can’t see the beautiful future life has for thee ©   Photo:  Freebingimages

Still a Part of Me

I cried that day you bid farewell Yet you weren’t gone from my heart just my visual space And now I’ve changed almost in an instant of time and my soul has captured yours, in mine ©   Photo:  Freeimages

It Wasn’t Me

We started out on the same level free to be, speak and please each other then came a change that I could detect a distance of mind, I saw in your eyes even less affection at times I attempt to bring you back as mine hurt and fear, from what I can see your past–but … More It Wasn’t Me

Spirit of Love

The Christmas spirit stolen from some or in reality, was it given up A surrendering attitude for a past love, that is gone and they’ve taken with them the part of the spirit, that releases your love Tapping the heart as that verse was read a justified anger, enters your head a deafening call, that … More Spirit of Love