From racing thoughts, to careful mentation; I take time to listen to internal information. I must have asked a question from the heart, and the answer was released from deep inside of me. ©EN 2019/2023, All Rights Reserved


Hmmm, there’s a lightness in the air,  nostalgic moments were brought up.  The longing to find you,  was not a stroke of luck.  Our youthful silliness,  causing giggles and lovely imageries  as we shared truthful thoughts  of our old time memories.  Some things that were not known  until our four-plus decades’ conversation.  How sweet those … More Reconnected


The year is almost over. Anxiety is low. Long vacation’s just beginning, and I wonder, why the peace is so. Time to reconsider. Reevaluate the past. Think about the future, and start to make a plan. Simply because… I’ve learned to better value myself. ©EN 2022, All Rights Reserved


I am stilled by the words that I’m not sure were intended, or just a misunderstanding.  Unexpected surprises lead to contemplation.  Should I even keep trying, or just risk and not delay?…  ©EN 2022, All Rights Reserved


Nostalgia seems to have its way,  each season these thoughts come to me.   With aging daily, questions arise,  and I realize, life’s quickly passing by.   Until I reach that tender stage,  the destined day that’s meant to be,  I hope and pray I stay asleep  and my expression confirms that I’m at peace. ©EN 2022, … More Hopeful


I look upon the stars tonight and let my thoughts go for a ride. They take me to and fro within, I question “self” and wait again. I ponder thoughts from ancient times, and wonder why I think of them. A little whisper’s chiding me; I thank the heavens’ guiding peace. ©EN 2022, All Rights … More Edify

Time Warp

As the days seem to quickly advance, I find that I’m satisfied with simplicity. Yet, I seem to long for stimulating activity. I need to get out and create more wonderful memories. Some will surprise me, others will quell my unsatiable appetite for continued learning. Yet, I can’t seem to understand my wanting to explore, … More Time Warp


The fear of what was thought could be, has found its way to reality. But faith has made its lovely presence and granted its enchanting permission to remove the fear and build upon what is clear, that this change will make things better. ©EN 2022, All Rights Reserved


Blow as you may and flow with the wind, descending in places where you’ve never been. Each landing surface with hope to achieve a rebirth, but not all of your energy will grasp with the earth… ©EN 2021, All Rights Reserved