Nature’s Medicine

The more you read, the more you know…  Sometimes that new-found knowledge can be upsetting.  Today I refer to common weeds, with some being in your own backyard.  We have been led to think they’re nothing but unwelcome dominating pests.  In reality, a lot of them have medicinal value to many common ailments, diseases.  Because … More Nature’s Medicine

Planting a Garden

Last season I went to plant a veggie garden, and wanting my own garden-to-table, I decided to grow, my own, organic vegetables someone offered to help I thought less bending–sure that’s great, but then their mind started to take over my well planned out, vegetable garden I stated “you’re not leaving enough room for those … More Planting a Garden


Born with a natural electronic field, grounded to the earth’s limitless yield magnetic, in many ways both as a human and natural in cells growing up and losing ground taught of ups and downs, leading the way-cryptic teachings, causing the mind to lose some of its natural being to one day grow up and find … More Grounded


When trying to hold hurt feelings within the tear duct cannot hide what the body feels inside turning away not to let it show and I walk into another room to let those hurtful tears roll down the cheeks until they slowly stop, on their own did you know there are different types of tears, … More Tears

Health Codes

Your thoughts dictate your memory in a subconscious state, filed internally your health beholds your state of mind happy-being healthy, and depressed-not being kind You respond to emotions, on a cellular level sending signals of types which respond in a moment searching your spirit, which way do we flow a happy healing or a disease-riddled … More Health Codes

Will You Come Home…

I didn’t mean to cause you so much agony, affliction & misery I took you for granted and foolishly thought, you would never leave A thousand times, I offer my apologies and am begging you, please listen will you come home can you love me again… ©

Tastes So Good

So enticed by the sugar, vibrant colors and chemical flavors my palate no longer in tune with the taste of natural foods I once savored For deceiving the taste buds, man has the answer but my body responds with diseases and cancers isn’t more money wasted on flavor research and consistency than making and honoring … More Tastes So Good