Quiet Times

Time to relax just sit and chill, give eyes a change and breathe in fresh air. While your eyes may seem to stare, we happily know your mind is elsewhere. © EN, All Rights Reserved

When Nature Speaks

(Poem posted on both sites today.) A little squirrel runs towards the street, “life is to short,” is all I think. A lovely bird is flying high, and I remind myself to fly. Cacaphony of birds in tree, and I remind myself to sing. The sun is warm, the air smells sweet, of lilac bushes … More When Nature Speaks


At night in my dreams we often visit, but when I wake you haven’t left yet, and I’m lost in wonderment. An elevated mind and very creative life, I try to see things for their normal abilities. But you’ve changed my point of view, and I can’t stop looking through you; and that leaves me … More Wonderment