Poetry & Tea (2)

Update: The quaint gathering went well; six in total. I realize that being among strangers can be quite liberating. Everyone was very open and respectful of others; even if they started out being shy. We all released intimate past experiences that I don’t think was expected. The poetry was quite touching. My take: Among the … More Poetry & Tea (2)


Though life digs with a trowel and may not be relatively deep, I seem to climb back up a few times in search of me, I sometimes slide, going right back down; and I have to remind myself, to just stand up… © EN, All Rights Reserved


Sometimes I sit, no thought in mind alone and in my room. As I await, a thought to rest; I hope it will come soon… Creation’s magic speaks to me, a poem so soft and sweet. Am I to write this down(?) I ask, or is it just for me… © EN, All Rights Reserved


As each new day allows my stay, I shall give thanks and then create… © EN, All Rights Reserved


Woke up early with the sun to a feeling that I don’t want undone. Sometimes, we just can’t explain, an absolute feeling of no emotional pain. And that strikes me when I am here. An internal feeling seems to appear. You can’t see it, but you know it is there; a powerful feeling, and you … More Connected

Color My World

So different in customs, culture, and the writing world. It’s quite entertaining the scenes you are painting; the bright colors that enter my thoughts with word gestures and I, cherish each of your precious moments. © EN, All Rights Reserved