Poetry & Tea

Today I take a leap of faith. I’m to attend a gathering with local poetry being the theme. “Tea time” and invited to read a favorite of my written dreams. I’m certainly hoping all goes well; that I can share and release the beauty of my poetic energy. © EN, All Rights Reserved


Ah, the waves of emotion sent through your messages… I know not to let fantasy reign, but it provides an abundance of joy that is much more appealing than my current reality. It’s not a sad notion; after all, fairy tales always live happily ever after… © EN, All Rights Reserved

Musical Notes

I’ve seen the experiments, of playing music out in a field. Where the cows roam within the electrical fence, and someone plays an instrument. They immediately detect music is near, vibrational notes attracting them all. They then gather to listen closer, to the melody of the instrument holder. Musical vibes we all must confess, makes … More Musical Notes

Your Special Day

Today is a special day. It is my sister’s birthday. I recently realize, her and my brother are the same age for a month. (I guess I never really gave it much thought.) And as I calculate, the first three above me; my mom was pregnant within two to three months just after each baby … More Your Special Day


In another world, that somehow becomes magical. A source of energy leaving one high, that continues when going to bed at night. Culminating ideas, it brings out the best of them in you. A force so strong time’s in a different realm. What is it? The wonders of  Love… © EN, All Rights Reserved