I sometimes crave your energy more than I ever should, and n my reality, I’m almost never alone… ©EN 2021, All Rights Reserved


I taste the day,  you’re in my dreams. Today I live in fantasy,  as I awaken from the night…  ©EN 2021, All Rights Reserved


Both stomach and feet trip at the sound of your voice; I lose my balance… ©EN, All Rights Reserved


I wear the invisible gems that only you know exist, in the world I have created. ©EN, All Rights Reserved


Our direction matters not, though the distance seems so far. It’s the intersection of destiny, where we shall finally meet. ©EN, All Rights Reserved


A target was hit, that others had missed because it turned itself sideways. Too thin to attempt, it didn’t want to connect. But then you sent waves in; and with time, the target slowly turned facing only you. Thus, there was no way You could miss © EN, All Rights Reserved


Today I just keep wandering, my mind’s not sure of what to think. I start on this, move on to that; I hear a sound, can’t concentrate. This creative existence is just from within me; silent on the surface, but quite active in my head. © EN, All Rights Reserved

Mystery Dream

You had a dream, as if you peeked into my future. You shared it with me and boosted my life’s energy; the fuel I needed to confirm my inner dream. Is this coincidence, or a path of synchronicity? © EN, All Rights Reserved