Today I just keep wandering, my mind’s not sure of what to think. I start on this, move on to that; I hear a sound, can’t concentrate. This creative existence is just from within me; silent on the surface, but quite active my the head. © EN, All Rights Reserved

Mystery Dream

You had a dream, as if you peeked into my future. You shared it with me and boosted my life’s energy; the fuel I needed to confirm my inner dream. Is this coincidence, or a path of synchronicity? © EN, All Rights Reserved

The Unforeseen

It’s an exciting day! I’m at the airport waiting to officially see you for the first time. I know how you look, you have an idea of how I am, hopefully, you won’t be disappointed. We see each other, you recognize me. We both approach, yet we’re not quite sure how to greet. I go … More The Unforeseen


A simple pleasure extinguishes all negativity; my singular thought… to have you here with me. © EN, All Rights Reserved


Mind blowing stories that make one aware of other values from other worlds, epiphanies calling it’s your time to wake, for in this shared planet we, are not the greatest… All kinds of humanoids gathered on earth, hidden in tunnels of opposite polars; mirroring cities in underworld glory. Quick thoughts, imaged in minds, looking in … More Sci-Fi???


Ah, the waves of emotion sent through your messages… I know not to let fantasy reign, but it provides an abundance of joy that is much more appealing than my current reality. It’s not a sad notion; after all, fairy tales always live happily ever after… © EN, All Rights Reserved

Silenced Hope

Lets escape just you and I, run from this world for a short time; let’s walk beside the riverside amongst tall grasses, we can hide. I’d like to talk, get in your head, resolve some thoughts that I can’t bear. Because you’re near I can release, confessions of a love to be(?), these overflowing thoughts … More Silenced Hope