Covid Visits

(Watching a lot of families on YouTube. Keeping their distance, but visiting when they can. I got a lump in my throat, and then…came this poem:) Visits to the family, watching from behind the scenes. Elders worrying, grandparents’ hearts tearing;  the bitter-sweetness of seeing, but unable to shower with kisses, or to even touch, their … More Covid Visits

Your Special Day

Today is a special day. It is my sister’s birthday. I recently realize, her and my brother are the same age for a month. (I guess I never really gave it much thought.) And as I calculate, the first three above me; my mom was pregnant within two to three months just after each baby … More Your Special Day

The First Visit

I made my first visit to one of your gatherings, met a few of your family tree; your mother, she seemed very pleased with me. Your sister—was so loving & kind, and your grandmother… sweetly took me into her arms. Your father, had a look of delight, I could see the shine in his eyes; … More The First Visit


Time, it seems to fly beyond a certain age couldn’t wait to be 21 and eventually, the children come they grow so quickly and move on, beyond depending on you I love the family gatherings, watching all the generations entertaining each other although there are varying ages the music and singing the instruments they were … More Family


Oh yes, it’s that yummy time of year where the family gathers and love’s in the air.  The smell of the turkey and those tempting pies;  the flaky bread baking, that will satisfy. Some families flying, just to be home for the family gathering, that brings them so close.  The food and drink that brings … More Thanksgiving