Love Shines

Many thoughts make me smile
very few bring sad tears
life gives learned experiences
love takes the mind everywhere

But why build that bubble
reflecting emotional doubt
let the light of love shine
so that your love stands out


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In order to heal
there has to be a wound
an internal conflict
that doesn’t want to reside in you

As it breaks into your metaphorical flesh
you must then, acknowledge it
treat it with a gentle cleansing
and patting it dry
an ointment of love
then a cover of some kind
to protect it for a while
as healing progresses
and one day it fades
where you can hardly detect it

The heartbreak or issue
you now have to face
acknowledge and treat it
with love, not disgrace
cleansing tears, you will dry off
and there may be a scar
to remind you, of where you now are

If not for the wound
one day you will see
a new person inside
now much stronger and carefree



What is it in life
that I feel so empty
accomplished, yet hollow
why is there an enemy

Someone or something, haunting inside
could the answer be, it’s just me
feeling an internal divide

Living in this world, yet alienated from another
there seems to be something, I need to discover

A spiritual moment, a well needed rest
emotions uplifted, divinity professed



Believing in someone
or things of this world
moments to treasure
like a game of truth or dare

The only problem, I now perceive
is why was it so often
I didn’t believe in me…


(This is my 100th post on this site.  Thank you to all that have spent their precious time with me.)

Sound of Water

The sound of water flowing
wherever it may be
calls to my soul
inducing me to want to sleep

Mesmerizing feelings, in the day’s light
has me daydreaming, don’t wake me
let me for a while be free
my soul temporarily escaping
in this daydream

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