Good times fill the heart whether with friends, or dabbling with art family—waves of emotions good, bad and all, someone’s most likely taking a fall life is to be experienced, pushed to the limits sometimes, it’s a negative image a reason, like the disciples to use your life as an example showing you can change, … More Relevant


If I’ve offended you in any way I’m not too proud to ask forgiveness In my whimsical candor I do speak a true heart, and maybe I built an unexpected bridge or tore down your guarding wall it’s not a first for me, when manifestations seem to withdraw a person from my presence an alternative … More Misunderstandings


Born with a natural electronic field, grounded to the earth’s limitless yield magnetic, in many ways both as a human and natural in cells growing up and losing ground taught of ups and downs, leading the way-cryptic teachings, causing the mind to lose some of its natural being to one day grow up and find … More Grounded


When old is new again experiencing so many revelations, where do I begin and where do I remain, ancient star-dust that I once was, and still am ancestors guiding me or is it also myself, that from the celestial past lives I try to guide in my various, human disguises… ©   Photo;  Bingfreeimages


There’s an awakening not all emotions are dead, there were many attempts to have them repressed, but not all of humanity, responded to it, for that is considered, the living dead an apathetic life, is turning life off… to avoid, ignore and even worse, an attempt to not love any more, and that, is not … More Emotionless


Liberated Young and know it all, looking back, lots of laughs, what was I thinking of…. worked many years, having no fears a go-getter, slowly moving up, having less trust, of the management there’s got to be more, I need to explore, a force is moving me stand tall, leave it all, a universal liberty … More Existing

Second Time

The hurt that one can’t fathom relief from will one day dissipate leaving an internal question “can I ever love again” it swallows the soul with a silent concern and yes you can, even more than before what you should not offer is a lost, broken heart, until you find your new identity, your attempts … More Second Time