Alone at home got my fire going on country music for tonight notebook, pencil and a heart of delight My flow, in the rhythm in a grateful state a nice warm place and my coffee’s made Content and free I give my thanks and when I sleep if I don’t wake to my next world … More Grateful

Still a Part of Me

I cried that day you bid farewell Yet you weren’t gone from my heart just my visual space And now I’ve changed almost in an instant of time and my soul has captured yours, in mine ©   Photo:  Freeimages

Exciting New Year

The near year brings new thoughts to mind what can I accomplish within the one year’s time something educational, things of new interest too but both have to comply, with my internal, spiritual side I want to feed the need to learn and satisfy curiosity while in all, the yearning to evolve I wish to … More Exciting New Year

A Key to Life

A key to happiness is not about wealth it’s finding your soul thus finding your “self” and when there’s a need to evolve and progress learn to love life and be happy again ©

Living On “Dim”

The eyes are bright with love inside not just for a person but also a happy life the beauty that’s offered when one’s not too busy to honor the imagery that God has given although once in a while a storm whirls through trying to steal the love from you causing some, to live on … More Living On “Dim”

Internal Instinct

Sometimes uncomfortable in my own skin the atmosphere around me, a creepy feeling within not wanting to be antisocial, I make my rounds then I’ll be leaving these negative grounds Not blaming anyone but myself, is what I have learned one tragic day when my world took a turn an instinct in me, always giving … More Internal Instinct

Blessed Gift

You are truly blessed if by chance you have found and shared the infinite gift this universe has offered you but by all means let no one, or nothing separate the precious gift from your fleshly being for if one day, you refuse to deliver its intended destiny the universe may seize it and designate … More Blessed Gift