When a reading speaks to the soul it’s a heartfelt message to an unknown, lifting the spirit with inspirational cords remember, someone heard that your soul needed the words synchronicity—a motivational message, affirming a thought, from an internal question… © Advertisements

Emotional Deaths

We all die in many ways a breakup, a hurt or profound disappointment, one certain day the internal feeling of being so let down, you can actually feel the blood-changing flow the person you say is dead in your mind, or is it, that a part of you has just died a scar of emotion … More Emotional Deaths

Evil Minds

Beautiful words to lure me in teasing and hoping that I will give in unknowing that I have a spiritual requirement, and your cunning little game has revealed, that you’re not even worth investing my time in ©

The Offering

I have nothing but love to give a river infinitely flowing, although no special one loves me or at least, it is unknown blessed in heart, throughout my life I can only offer wisdom for advice, I will not argue, and will not plea all I offer, is internally free my newfound focus, all the … More The Offering


Moods-the power of writing, whether a deep love, hurt, lonely or mad it all feeds our senses and once written, it’s a therapeutic moment release, guilt, relief, or a feeling of closer to thee, longing & yearning, or stating your worries when looking back and reading them, it’s acknowledging all your life experiences, for these … More Moods

Empty Dreams

Too many posted affirmations throughout the house, in hopes of confirming your future thoughts following advice to fulfill your dreams, an ongoing list that only “exists” wishful thoughts are empty attempts and lack heartfelt emotion, to give true purpose to a notion a deep desire defines the full vision, in order to grant, your internal … More Empty Dreams


  The power of love releases the toxins, returning a lustrous brilliance that you once shined in the beauty, internal longing to be set free, but first you must love yourself then you will see… ©   Photo:  Freeimages