Broken, Again

I accidentally broke my halo when I lost my temper it had a lot dents, that I refer to as building character thank God for mercy & forgiveness otherwise, I’d be good as dead but, I too must do the same, always have mercy, and always forgive although it may take a lifetime to forget… … More Broken, Again

Other Worlds

(Double Whammy-Posted on both sites) Various planets many yet to be discovered, have you ever wondered if this was due to bifurcation leading to new spiritual lessons history, having a way of repeating itself was this destruction of a spiritual loss, living and dying, trying to get it right relatively few, aware at the same … More Other Worlds


  In the midst of a moment that calls upon your mind a recollection, or new point of view a way of letting you know sometimes, you have to consider things just a little bit differently and then, understanding accompanies… ©

The Unknown

Fear of the unknown can be paralyzing at times, but lets delve into some moments of not knowing back then, who you would become at this present time. I was mindfully paralyzed: When I was a kid, being naughty and expecting a spanking. Also again, first time to school, leaving my mom and attending preschool. … More The Unknown

Discovering Me

(Flashback Friday) I stepped into religion looking for my “self” and learned the fundamentals.  I stepped into a new one, and learned a bit more about spirituality-although it was still limited.  I stepped out of religion because “something” was missing. So I pondered on my own,  combining what I have learned and discovered the true … More Discovering Me

Simply Humbled

A humbled heart, always grateful for the simple things feeling blessed, when given greater opportunities never truly lacking even when almost all was lost, for I was not willing, to trade my soul God shining, setting the trail to where I need to be, no stress on this face as His deliveries are always on … More Simply Humbled


  Effervescent notions running wild hindsight, take backs to my forwarding track skin shedding hidden maleficent scabs I was not aware existed, exposing unspoken expressions sometimes hidden under a smile but grimaced, internally liberation making a mark from this emancipating heart, as pure love has appropriated its claim, from when I permitted the entrance, through … More Illuminated