Blessed Days

As we walk hand-in-hand
on the beach with its beautiful white sand
there’s such a beauty overlooking the ocean
the sound of the soft waves
lightly caressing against the edges of our toes
I have something to say, but I can’t let it go
not wanting pity, to be seen with different eyes
I keep hidden within me, my life’s supposedly demise

A date of expiration was given to me
but a refusal to share
what is going on inside of me

The peace of the ocean dictates to my soul
enjoy these few blessed days, and keep it hidden within you,
meditate deeply, you may have a healing breakthrough…



Heart’s Desires

Once when angry I told a friend
“I never want to see you again”
and I went blind, I could only see in my mind

Another time while fighting, I told the person
“I never want to hear from you”
so I went deaf (and still blind too)

While being guided in the house by a loved one
I tripped slightly, got mad and pushed them away
I no longer felt that person’s hands again

Then it hit me, my epiphany-life lesson
I was given everything my evil heart desired
I just never imagined the cost it required

I awoke from a lucid dream
of negative things I said that became real
I quickly realized there was a heart change
I don’t have to Have All These Enemies, I just need to heal in me


Until We Meet…

Your words, touching my soul
yet I have never heard your voice

A connection as if I once knew you
But in person, I have yet to see you

A world that is relatively small
yet you are a world away
where your tomorrow, is my today

My heart does hope happily
that one day we shall meet
to partake in witty dialogue
over a warm, cozy drink

For now, imagination taking its place
until we meet, one beautiful day…


For You I Will Cry

When you’re so lost, hurt
and feeling empty inside
tell me your story, and I’ll be your guide

Lost emotionally
too many times deceived
desensitized with time
I’ll carry your burdens
for you, I will cry


Death’s Destiny

Not knowing when it’s my time to be “called”
I hope in this world, I gave it my all

Loving and learning, not holding grudges
forgiving and living high on a spiritual side

Not looking on the outside to guide me in life
I learned the hard way, the answers come from the inside

Quietly listening to who I really am
when experiencing the dark side of who I became

The light showing in me, once I let go
of the negative energy I let take a hold

Seeking the kingdom comes from within
but it took a long time before I learned
I— just had to listen

Life happens not to you, but in you
when I let God connect within me
then I could clearly see

I live to eventually die
in the interim, I learned, I could spiritually fly


It Got a Good Beating…

Many years of conforming
thinking it was the best for me
as a child there is limited understanding
of what life can truly bring

Not being taught on a spiritual side
how to wisely decide, what is wrong and what is right
intuition—never really trained from where it comes
how to use it, and “its” proximity to God

Instead my soul got a good beating
not knowing myself, is what I really needed
so I jabbed “it” good when I blocked spiritual curiosity
and “it” got sucker punched a lot
when I wouldn’t “be me”

I dragged “it” for years and it didn’t even bother
when I took “it” for a long ride-chasing the dollars
but the worse damage, I think I did
was when there was no longer a dream
because one lacked inside of me

One day, my soul gave me really dark nightmares
“it” let me know I was causing myself despair
there was a great confrontation between “it” and me
and once my consciousness became awakened
everything I thought was right
I now saw life through very different eyes

I lived in fear, “it” had showed me
I had not lost, but just buried my dreams

I saw more than pride, selfishness & ego
uplifted and released
I was “aware,” something had healed
and “it” became the I Am
an innate part of being “me” in God‘s universal plan



How do I testify
to a darkness in life
and sleepless nights

Struggles and anger
too intense and so deep
but one day I wept
so profusely that it freed

My heart and mind
like a new butterfly
the pain was released
and I could no longer cry

When all was done
feeling brand new as it ended
I felt as if God touched my soul
and I had been resurrected