Discovering Me

(Flashback Friday) I stepped into religion looking for my “self” and learned the fundamentals.  I stepped into a new one, and learned a bit more about spirituality-although it was still limited.  I stepped out of religion because “something” was missing. So I pondered on my own,  combining what I have learned and discovered the true … More Discovering Me

Simply Humbled

A humbled heart, always grateful for the simple things feeling blessed, when given greater opportunities never truly lacking even when almost all was lost, for I was not willing, to trade my soul God shining, setting the trail to where I need to be, no stress on this face as His deliveries are always on … More Simply Humbled


  Effervescent notions running wild hindsight, take backs to my forwarding track skin shedding hidden maleficent scabs I was not aware existed, exposing unspoken expressions sometimes hidden under a smile but grimaced, internally liberation making a mark from this emancipating heart, as pure love has appropriated its claim, from when I permitted the entrance, through … More Illuminated

Seeking a Place

Does anyone know where I can live that doesn’t have crime hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados or active volcanos where the people are nice and the community’s tight I can make lots of friends and they’re always offering their help where the economy’s okay and I can buy cheap land to build a quaint but open … More Seeking a Place

The Table

At this table everyone is welcome but many will not allow their presence you see, to dine here you must give what is required in order to eat for some, it comes easily for others, not so as they hold on too long to the bitterness or is it pride… also served at this table, … More The Table


The beauty of a fantasy requires no compromise therefore, no negative possibility of losing what one can endlessly desire yet when it’s not within one’s reach the friendship may last to eternity where mutual admiration and respect always reside and at leastways there is a virtual connection offering the ability to maintain a beautiful poetic … More Fantasies

Stolen Passion

Once a brightness of the heart ready to be released and for some it embraced, and fed everyone needing someone, something that fulfills an emptiness of days a framed story given with passion of the blessing you once shared then stolen, piqued by vibes of a slow-growing shadow too dark to see any forthcoming light … More Stolen Passion