Happy is the soul that gives, as if to family a gift. Uplifting the heart is a joy that’s exchanged, when expecting nothing in return, but the burning elation… is what I discern. ©EN 2021, All Rights Reserved


With joy  I give from the heart.  Not of monetary,  but in value of smiles.  Those vibes are so precious  as I too receive;  from those thought-penned emotions,  that are treasures to me.  ©EN 2021, All Rights Reserved


Starting over,  initial sense of  feeling lost,  but adventure  and optimism beckon.  ©EN 2021, All Rights Reserved


In thoughts I say a prayer or two,  first giving thanks  then asking proof  of simple things…  am I my best,  or does my God  have further plans?  I wait and watch  as few days pass,  I get my answers  no longer trapped,  and I’m fully aware  my time is shortened  each day that I … More Awaiting


I heard the numerous knocks,  as you viewed the past.  What is it you left behind?  A troubled soul  that dragged you in?  Their foundation was  only meant to take from you,  to build themselves up  and wittingly earn your trust.  Glad to know you made it through,  searching for me,  reestablishing You…  ©EN 2021, … More Break


Lost in the unknown fatigued by its burdens, fortitude begins to cultivate. ©EN 2021, All Rights Reserved


One fine day, a special day, my heart was filled with joy. A darkness over shadowed me but I just made it glow. I said my prayer and left it there, for God to take away. And then a light so slightly bright, began to make its way. The darkness broke and disappeared as brightness … More Storms


As the northern haze slowly takes it time passing through our state, I take the time to contemplate. I focus on my state of now, and reel in meditative thoughts. Comfort overcomes my being, doubt and concerns are now fleeing, although we must stay inside, I take the time to clear my mind. ©EN 2021, … More Flexible

How to Forgive

While reading through comments on a YouTube video, I came across the question “How does one forgive?” They heard many times forgive situations but did not know how to, especially dealing with an evil person (sounded highly narcissistic to me). My version of forgiveness for those that no longer want to deal with the person’s … More How to Forgive


I’ll hold on to life, as long as I’m allowed. I will give in when it’s God’s will, to ride upon the clouds. To brighter days and love so strong I’ll know I made it home, to the other place before earthly ways, where I was dearly loved and known. ©EN 2021, All Rights Reserved