I do my best and sins confess, combating my old self. Mind gets to see the wrong in me, then my heart is well; knowing, God still believes in me… © En, All Rights Reserved Advertisements

Modality Shift

Though I know not the number of years I’ve left to live, I give God my thanks for the past and what is… I’m to use up this time, make the most of what I can; for in joy is how life was meant to be lived. © EN, All Rights Reserved

Asking God Why…

In wondering why the world is the way it is. You ask God to show you the way. Why are so many people poor? He then opens a special door. Oblivious to how He sometimes handles things, you find yourself just short of funds. Worrying, anxious, can’t sleep at night. The following day-your company will … More Asking God Why…


Sometimes you’ll see a silly grin across my face; that is because I’m in a place and you, cannot participate. It’s merely for my soul… © EN, All Rights Reserved

Heart of the Mind

I dance my way through emotional pain. Many would say, you’re masking it. I respond, “no—I’m not letting it seep in.” I am the one who must control its might; and dancing is the way I fight. All the anguish that tries to settle in. I refuse to let it win. So I dance, and … More Heart of the Mind

Ocean of Pain

I rent a boat to go out on the ocean. In need, to just be alone. While there for a while, I freely breathe and let my grieving tears flow. Relieved, I gather my inner strength, almost ready to resurge. I’ve returned my salt to the ocean, in drops of worldly hurt. © EN, All … More Ocean of Pain


Upon your words I test your strength; I make you laugh, and always win. I give my thanks (I always do), as you restore my purpose too. This particular struggle took years to resolve; but it’s finally over, and I get to move on. © EN, All Rights Reserved


Closed hearts, but open minds, it’s more difficult to make you cry. A touching hand, a gentle pull, illuminates your hurting soul. An opened heart, a path is cleared, by spending time in silent tears; as you begin to see the light, your godly love, was simply hiding. © EN, All Rights Reserved


I once had a thought and it led to a dream. It’s slowly unfolding; it’s destined to be © EN, All Rights Reserved