With crimson eyes and tears of blood, the heart released from lack of love. In hospice mode, but I awoke. The “rest” was needed to heal my soul. And now, this life is viewed quite differently. ©2021,EN, All Rights Reserved

Earthly Ways

Come into this temple, come into this place. Forgive my thoughts and fix my pain, Lord I think in earthly ways. Forgive my thoughts and heal this pain, Lord I live, in earthly ways. ©2021,EN, All Rights Reserved


There’s a peaceful stillnessthat dwells within my soul.Though my writing’s not as public,I still reach my goals. As I learnfrom all my researchand my time is taken up,it is an investmentfor all of my questionsso that my heart and minddon’t stay stuck. ©2021,EN, All Rights Reserved


You see my experiences through cosmic eyes, in all that I do speak, feel and try. You see my experiences within and without, some obstructing my thoughts by creating doubt. At last I am growing; I’m better at determining between my wants and my needs, and can fully acknowledge all of my blessings. ©2020,EN, All … More Observing

In Your Presence

I cannot recall all the days that are gone, but here I exist with you in my plans. And when I am done from this part of your world, will you rejoice when to you, I return. But for now I shall live in the beauty and warmth, of your comforting me in my spirit, … More In Your Presence


My heart tiptoesthrough the valley,as gently as could be. I work my wayto a higher placewith thoughts of“just to see.” ©EN, All Rights Reserved


We sit and talk as you begin to explain, all of your brokenness from whence it began. I silently listen and don’t interrupt. I feel of it’s essence your beauty of now. For it all has formed you the way you should be, for no one escapes the brokenness tree. ©EN, All Rights Reserved


Nature’s creations can be both good and bad. And just like your life, some of it was made for you and some, is what You made. ©EN, All Rights Reserved


A pretty, little butterflycame to my place to tell me lies… It told me I could clearly change,I haven’t seen that change to date. I still wonder, there’s no doubt,a transformation’s still to come. There’s something I must shed away. That butterfly, lives to this day. ©EN, All Rights Reserved


Where have you gone, it’s been a while.I haven’t heard youor seen your smile. I wonder whyI just realized this… Could it be,it’s your lovely soul that I miss? ©EN, All Rights Reserved