Leave Some for Others

During these fearful turn of events, I hope everyone is doing well and being smart. Don’t overbuy “just because” and leave yourself in a worse off financial situation. With stores slowly restocking, I have learned how to expand my meals. Stay safe, wise and hopeful: Leave Some for Others Times are changing, the world’s not … More Leave Some for Others


You made me so happy when you stepped out of that comfort zone for you and I both knew, how that attempt made you a bit blue and now the comeback, dropping insecurities and all using it to make a persuasive statement there’s always rhyme and reason when shedding the sense of being beaten and … More Delight


When you think you’re stuck, you’re just in a limited mind frame, explore various thoughts, invite a few possibilities and make something happen, by making a change the rest will be the journey of your needing new experiences ©

I See Colors (3)

    Those that have been following me for a few months know I have been dabbling with trying to learn how to paint.  I can see such improvement in my attempts, and in all honesty–it doesn’t take long for the confidence to build. These are my latest YouTube tutorial lessons.  It’s really fun and … More I See Colors (3)

I See Colors (2)

I have been asked how my “learning to paint” was going, so I’m going to humbly share some of my attempts.  I can see improvement (you don’t get to see the fails, lol), and I would definitely tell anyone to at least try it. I went the inexpensive route to start with (just in case … More I See Colors (2)

Tag…3 Day Quote Challenge ~ Day 3

© I’ve been tagged to quote for three consecutive days by one of my favorite sites-The Purple Almond.  Her posts are filled with nutritional & health tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  She includes quick recipe videos to get your interest flowing.  You can find her awesome posts here at http://www.thepurplealmond.com/  Thank you for tagging … More Tag…3 Day Quote Challenge ~ Day 3