The past is the past there’s nothing I can change it led me to where I am and for that, I am grateful moving forward is where the magic begins, breaking old patterns as I gather new thoughts of what my heart has learned I’ll be a trailblazer, of an uncharted world as my mind … More Epiphany


  The power of love releases the toxins, returning a lustrous brilliance that you once shined in the beauty, internal longing to be set free, but first you must love yourself then you will see… ©   Photo:  Freeimages  

Discovering Me

I stepped into religion looking for my “self” and learned the fundamentals.  I stepped into a new one, and learned about spirituality-although it was still limited.  I stepped out of religion and discovered the true power of God, and my own special abilities.  I now have shared this wisdom by writing and I continue to … More Discovering Me