Low Self-Esteem

(Flashback Friday) There are those who think they’re not depressed At work their face will express I’m happy here and nothing’s wrong It’s just work-related stress, that’s all When they get home, a new feeling within The dark cloud takes over, the evil begins There’s nothing but fighting, yelling and blame An identity crisis, the … More Low Self-Esteem

Living On “Dim”

The eyes are bright with love inside not just for a person but also a happy life the beauty that’s offered when one’s not too busy to honor the imagery that God has given although once in a while a storm whirls through trying to steal the love from you causing some, to live on … More Living On “Dim”

Health Codes

Your thoughts dictate your memory in a subconscious state, filed internally your health beholds your state of mind happy-being healthy, and depressed-not being kind You respond to emotions, on a cellular level sending signals of types which respond in a moment searching your spirit, which way do we flow a happy healing or a disease-riddled … More Health Codes

Spirit of Love

The Christmas spirit stolen from some or in reality, was it given up A surrendering attitude for a past love, that is gone and they’ve taken with them the part of the spirit, that releases your love Tapping the heart as that verse was read a justified anger, enters your head a deafening call, that … More Spirit of Love


What is it in life that I feel so empty accomplished, yet hollow why is there an enemy Someone or something, haunting inside could the answer be, it’s just me feeling an internal divide Living in this world, yet alienated from another there seems to be something, I need to discover A spiritual moment, a … More Empty


Believing in someone or things of this world moments to treasure like a game of truth or dare The only problem, I now perceive is why was it so often I didn’t believe in me… © (This is my 100th post on this site.  Thank you to all that have spent their precious time with … More Believe

Will You Come Home…

I didn’t mean to cause you so much agony, affliction & misery I took you for granted and foolishly thought, you would never leave A thousand times, I offer my apologies and am begging you, please listen will you come home can you love me again… ©