(My view of near-death experiences’ collective summaries)  The purpose of life  is to seek your creator.  Where will you find it?  Or, will you feel lost  trying to figure it out?  Years of on and off activity,  meditation and suffering experiences.  The human, under the veil.  Not knowing while in this world  you only get … More Glimpse

Embracing Time

I hope and pray that when I die, I simply stay asleep.  The special day that I won’t wake, I will not get to see.  I slowly purge my current mess so I won’t leave too much, and when my daughter clears my things… for some, I hope she’ll want.  I wonder where the photos go… the trash, a fire, or keep; for they’re my … More Embracing Time


Why is dying so frightening to some, isn’t living temporary(?)… destined to end not quite knowing when; but for some, a clue of when it may come. Time to sort out mishandled times; ask for forgiveness, cleanse the mind and move on. A chance to leave your possessions behind to those that you cherish, and … More Death

Let Me Be…

When I die, life sets me free, don’t call an ambulance or take me to the hospital; I don’t want to return to this tortured human body. Please don’t disturb what nature has allowed; I don’t want any surgeries, I prefer quality of life over an extended life of suffering. If found all alone, “gone” … More Let Me Be…