Today I just keep wandering, my mind’s not sure of what to think. I start on this, move on to that; I hear a sound, can’t concentrate. This creative existence is just from within me; silent on the surface, but quite active my the head. © EN, All Rights Reserved


You’re my only ever weakness when I feel that I am strong; as I have not one opponent, I’ve a heart, forgiving wrong. Yet when I am solely thinking, (as your words do make me weak), I am glad you’re nowhere near me, for I fear, I couldn’t speak… © EN All Rights Reserved


My soul dances to your whispers, each time your words come to life. ©


when i’m in a pensive state lost to this world and in another place, there’s so much pleasure as if on a half-lucid journey and wherever i transcended to it always makes me feel renewed a rejuvenated mind, from where i traveled in time not quite sure where but i often visit there, a mysterious … More Daydreams