Bitter Cold

As the grand lake’s winter waves peek over the land in its flow, the bitter cold holds to make glorious icicles,  separating a portion that’s slowly developing into ice boulders or swirling ice sculptured hills. Within a few weeks the strength of sun calls the ice to retreat. It slowly melts itself down and ebbs … More Bitter Cold


The fear of what was thought could be, has found its way to reality. But faith has made its lovely presence and granted its enchanting permission to remove the fear and build upon what is clear, that this change will make things better. ©EN 2022, All Rights Reserved


Haste makes for a path of disgrace, after the response has settled in. ©EN 2021, All Rights Reserve


I take each day as a last, and if I wake, I’m glad that I am.  And each day as my cells slowly die, I’ll shed more tears for you, not me.  I know you’ll cry when I’m fully gone, for all the empty years that have come to pass.  The times we spent, not many together. Your life was too busy, and I felt somewhat severed.  … More Transition

Children & Joy

I trade my selfishness to watch you play, to know you’re experiencing a wonderful day. I watch you explore and question in mind, the various things I can’t quite explain. I love to observe but listen too, to children’s voices as they sing. I’m not certain why but my tears want to flow, as they … More Children & Joy


I feel that I’ve been emptied of the daily negativity and fear, to be refilled as an emerging love dwells in my thoughts and heart again… ©EN 2021, All Rights Reserved


A peek into reality when other realms take over thee, in dreams or thoughts–telepathy?… One cannot articulate, while in the inferior human frame. ©EN 2021, All Rights Reserved

Nighttime Brilliance

I gaze upon the dark of sky, to see the diamonds’ mighty height. A necklace I would wish to make, of different sizes and various lengths. Twinkle on with all your might, from this night forward my prayers are bright. I wonder at your falls and fades, to make anew my heart and days… ©EN … More Nighttime Brilliance

Holiday Spirit

The grass and trees are covered white, the roads are good to my delight. It’s time to set the tree in place, the presents are already wrapped. The spirit of Christmas, made an early visit… ©EN 2021, All Rights Reserved