Missed holiday light show again  as days busied in art and reading  the joy was so misleading…  ©EN 2023, All Rights Reserved


The year is almost over. Anxiety is low. Long vacation’s just beginning, and I wonder, why the peace is so. Time to reconsider. Reevaluate the past. Think about the future, and start to make a plan. Simply because… I’ve learned to better value myself. ©EN 2022, All Rights Reserved


I am stilled by the words that I’m not sure were intended, or just a misunderstanding.  Unexpected surprises lead to contemplation.  Should I even keep trying, or just risk and not delay?…  ©EN 2022, All Rights Reserved


Thoughts topple over each other as my curiosity savors all this new information. And I laugh at my past. Because a self-seeker finds that nothing is real, true, or absolute. Everything is formed by the convoluted lies that matter… ©EN 2022, All Rights Reserved


As I lay down my troubles I realize their true intentions; to stop and reevaluate my current situation.  I peel the burdening weight constraining me, and discover all those subtle layers became unbearable with time.  The day I finally recognize this, I shed those years of falsehoods, pain and resentment.  And no one seems to understand why I’m so free to always speak truth…  ©EN 2022, … More Realistic


The winds are howling  the sky is clear.  Patches of snow in the lot  are shining;  it’s that time of year.  The roofs have snow up them,  a couple inches covered.  This past week it snowed  just enough to let you know,  what is yet to come  will be more powerful  than the image of … More Wintry

Changing Seasons

Cooler nights  and shorter days,  falling leaves  then skies get gray.   But cozy nights,  hot chocolate-drinks,  a blazing fire  good books to read.   Snowmen made  and angels too,  then reindeer sounds  upon my roof.   Families gather once again  for both Thanksgiving  and Christmastime.   As year-end thoughts  require change,  resolutions  are borne again;  to soon report  … More Changing Seasons


Don’t follow those that don’t respect your vibes. Why hang on to their emptiness in the journey of life? Their internal feeling of lonelyness exposes grander evidence, that their heart needs to open up in order to receive future blessed gifts. They need to sit a while in that mindset, and allow it to motivate… … More Dissonance


Ahhh, the dark hours of the night.  The background setting  for the illumination of the galaxies  as the stars, moon, and planets  twinkle and shine with delight.   It’s all such a wonderful design.   Oh no! The dark night of the soul.   Those times when we feel  we could never survive,  the ghastly bitterness of life  … More Darkness