As I ease my thoughts of a certain hope,  I exchange them for soothing lullabies  of imagination not guided  of old expectations, but  of what newly arises  from a source that’s within.   ©EN 2023, All Rights Reserved


From racing thoughts, to careful mentation; I take time to listen to internal information. I must have asked a question from the heart, and the answer was released from deep inside of me. ©EN 2019/2023, All Rights Reserved


I still walkthe driven path;my quest to know,to understand. The puppetry of fear, unrest.A mind-full game put to the test. As souls begin to stir, to wake; a strength of heart that died within. The spirit’s call to its tethered home,no longer afraid to let it soar. ©EN 2021/23, All Rights Reserved


The grandness of life could be so confusing. Deceived by what we ought to think, and the spirit of nature’s reality. An initial lost connection either way; one should be rewarding, the other…emotional death. ©EN, All Rights Reserved (Repost)

Always a Mom

Photos and short video  welcome mom  into his unknown vacation.  (He’s been on his own  for a long time already.)  Unaware he was even there  until the texts came through,  showing the joy of his adventurous views.  A mother’s heart is swollen with pride.  Knowing her adult son  is enjoying his life.  This makes her … More Always a Mom

Caramel Coated

The sweetness was so tender.  Until it was no more.  Time licked away  and peeled to the core  what was hidden from sight.  Yet I desperately grasped onto mine.  I couldn’t shed the tears  as the sugar caramelized.  I had to add the butter;  the fatness of life,  the pureness that has come to heart,  … More Caramel Coated


Sounds are changing  from my window’s eye.  What I see and hear  are signs of springtime.  Geese these days  are coming back North.  (I hope there’s no more  winter storms.)  Lord, I thank  your nature’s blend,  the transforming seasons  of where I live.  Beautiful art  in the sky, land and air.  Refreshing, uplifting  and sometimes, … More Seasons


Missed holiday light show again  as days busied in art and reading  the joy was so misleading…  ©EN 2023, All Rights Reserved


The year is almost over. Anxiety is low. Long vacation’s just beginning, and I wonder, why the peace is so. Time to reconsider. Reevaluate the past. Think about the future, and start to make a plan. Simply because… I’ve learned to better value myself. ©EN 2022, All Rights Reserved