Mystery Dream

You had a dream, as if you peeked into my future. You shared it with me and boosted my life’s energy; the fuel I needed to confirm my inner dream. Is this coincidence, or a path of synchronicity? © EN, All Rights Reserved

Heart of the Mind

I dance my way through emotional pain. Many would say, you’re masking it. I respond, “no—I’m not letting it seep in.” I am the one who must control its might; and dancing is the way I fight. All the anguish that tries to settle in. I refuse to let it win. So I dance, and … More Heart of the Mind

Desiring Harmony

Being polite to not ruffle feathers, yet letting your body stress while under someone’s  control needs to get reined in.   I hear many complaints of this sort.  But I always ask-what are you doing about it?  I suggest there be a heart-to-heart conversation with the “negative” person.  No yelling, allowing both to speak and then … More Desiring Harmony


You invite me to conversate, asked me to a coffee break wanting my point of view, I foolishly think it will be a half-hour or so when you ask my opinion it will be the truth that I extend but if you include your “thought” pattern, then, that’s not what I said I see you … More Loquacious


If I’ve offended you in any way I’m not too proud to ask forgiveness In my whimsical candor I do speak a true heart, and maybe I built an unexpected bridge or tore down your guarding wall it’s not a first for me, when manifestations seem to withdraw a person from my presence an alternative … More Misunderstandings