Ancient days with current times, a blending of related lives some things, cannot be suppressed it does not die, upon one’s rest a testing phase, a cleansing soul to open up a hidden zone an energetic state of mind vibrating sounds, of subtle chimes to some they call, they feel within the truth is sought, … More Within


There are so many things I believe in, feeling a beautiful emotional connection the milky clouds and light-blue skies, the cleansing rain of stormy nights the daylight’s sun and silver moon, the droplets of the morning’s dew that life begins, but also ends we’re just a shell, and then transcend life’s creations, made from pure … More Believe

The Ugly Side

In a negative state of mind how does one define evil that is brought forth, a sometimes, temporary force how ugly do I envision it distorted sort of figure-like man, or has it been defined for me by visions of what has often been seen if it were left to me alone for evilness to … More The Ugly Side

Why Can’t…

Why can’t some people not carry their past into the present leave the bad attached to the person that gave them the burden, lessons are one thing, they should guide you in a different direction when someone presents you, with the haunting past once again… To generalize, based on those hurts of long ago means … More Why Can’t…


Good times fill the heart whether with friends, or dabbling with art family—waves of emotions good, bad and all, someone’s most likely taking a fall life is to be experienced, pushed to the limits sometimes, it’s a negative image a reason, like the disciples to use your life as an example showing you can change, … More Relevant


There’s an awakening not all emotions are dead, there were many attempts to have them repressed, but not all of humanity, responded to it, for that is considered, the living dead an apathetic life, is turning life off… to avoid, ignore and even worse, an attempt to not love any more, and that, is not … More Emotionless