Low Self-Esteem

(Flashback Friday) There are those who think they’re not depressed At work their face will express I’m happy here and nothing’s wrong It’s just work-related stress, that’s all When they get home, a new feeling within The dark cloud takes over, the evil begins There’s nothing but fighting, yelling and blame An identity crisis, the … More Low Self-Esteem


  Effervescent notions running wild hindsight, take backs to my forwarding track skin shedding hidden maleficent scabs I was not aware existed, exposing unspoken expressions sometimes hidden under a smile but grimaced, internally liberation making a mark from this emancipating heart, as pure love has appropriated its claim, from when I permitted the entrance, through … More Illuminated

The Table

At this table everyone is welcome but many will not allow their presence you see, to dine here you must give what is required in order to eat for some, it comes easily for others, not so as they hold on too long to the bitterness or is it pride… also served at this table, … More The Table

The Battle

I’ve been invited to battle many times over this comes at any age not just when you’re older the war is as long as you want it to be you suffer as much or as little, you see… the battle is fought by only one the damnation depends on your situation if you define it … More The Battle

The Storeroom

I have a storeroom that’s forever replenished somethings are new but some are infinite I go to this storeroom with gratitude of treasures the knowledge, the words and of course intuition sometimes discretion is a golden key but sometimes in life our creativity speaks this storeroom never needs cleaning although there are persons that will … More The Storeroom


I overload your senses creating doubt, confusion and questioning why I create a desire causing you to fall into pleasurable selfishness I slowly pull your energy from the peace and joy with which you glisten to make you weak and grey then I claim your body until you find the strength to detach and release … More Temptation

Blessed Gift

You are truly blessed if by chance you have found and shared the infinite gift this universe has offered you but by all means let no one, or nothing separate the precious gift from your fleshly being for if one day, you refuse to deliver its intended destiny the universe may seize it and designate … More Blessed Gift