I worry not of death,  but what I’ll live  beyond it.  Unfolding love foreseen,  redeeming all my sins.  This resurrection day  I too will live again,  in spirit, not in flesh  (that carries sin with it).  ©EN 2021, All Rights Reserved

Earthly Ways

Come into this temple, come into this place. Forgive my thoughts and fix my pain, Lord I think in earthly ways. Forgive my thoughts and heal this pain, Lord I live, in earthly ways. ©2021,EN, All Rights Reserved


You see my experiences through cosmic eyes, in all that I do speak, feel and try. You see my experiences within and without, some obstructing my thoughts by creating doubt. At last I am growing; I’m better at determining between my wants and my needs, and can fully acknowledge all of my blessings. ©2020,EN, All … More Observing

Silent Prayers

Open mind and open heart, silent prayers, reach to the source for when I wake, I get a call the heavy burden, by grace is gone an overwhelming gratefulness, upon my soul, you gave me rest the silent power, just you and I; you heard my soul’s, internal cries… ©EN, All Rights Reserved


Why is dying so frightening to some, isn’t living temporary(?)… destined to end not quite knowing when; but for some, a clue of when it may come. Time to sort out mishandled times; ask for forgiveness, cleanse the mind and move on. A chance to leave your possessions behind to those that you cherish, and … More Death

The Shift

A mind full of static interrupting the day; a sign of importance coming my way. I watch for changes in the environment around me; awaiting patiently the signals directing me… © EN, All Rights Reserved

Evolving (2)

Sometimes retrospect can be quite beautiful. Especially when one can observe how much more they have progressed. It’s usually due to a difficult experience; but, there’s no need to wait until then. Look forward, beyond the now. Where do you see yourself? If you can’t answer you don’t have a dream; which means you’re lacking … More Evolving (2)