Dark River

The cruelty the heart endures when the once bright, shining star no longer chooses to glow over the moonlit clear nights A venue once of glory & splendor that fed beauty to the light in your eyes but you capriciously place yourself where I can no longer gaze upon you So I cry a dark … More Dark River

Cheating Person

Entering the unknown exciting, yet scary one step at a time with time there are worries Acclimating well, then becoming complacent stuck in a rut, then reaching out for new excitement An added energy, temporarily proud of exchanging and timing, everything well with time there are errors, quite plainly seen the nervous burdens, of a … More Cheating Person

Identity Crisis

After a breakup, next comes the hurt a rocket’s flare lit, as their soul leaves the heart No room for comfort or consolation a massive distortion of a powerful nature Never returning to your original person sometimes more bitter, sometimes a better version the principle issue, was a lesson to be learned was your identity … More Identity Crisis

Will You Come Home…

I didn’t mean to cause you so much agony, affliction & misery I took you for granted and foolishly thought, you would never leave A thousand times, I offer my apologies and am begging you, please listen will you come home can you love me again… ©

No Longer Yours

You fully had me, my love and my passion it slowly diminished because of your actions I once had care that was so strong I sincerely missed you, when you were not around Taking advantage led to our demise and you can no longer smother or criticize with jealous thoughts and mental abuse my love … More No Longer Yours

Heart Chains

I’m needing someone to pry open my heart yet I won’t let anyone in, and this fear won’t depart Lack of trust, and too much hurt in these veins my mind all messed up and heart heavy with chains I always wonder, will there ever be some one that can love enough to rescue me… … More Heart Chains