Someone’s hurting to the core, resenting wasted time; feeling desperate looking into prowling eyes. Although sometimes wanting to turn their eyes away; behaving desperately, looking for someone to take the pain away. Distractions that quicken time so the suffering doesn’t seem as long. Adjusting emotions, yet not sure how to. Trying to convince the mind– … More Distraught


Romantic endeavors sometimes are brought to an end, not because of either one’s love but because, it’s just the timing Left to wonder and some always hold onto that pure love, that somehow lives buried in busyness, to keep a sane mind frame a form of life’s, lost-love game While hoping for time to bring … More Remnants

Emotional Pain

The heart stores the emotions the eyes shed the tears, the throat sounds the mourning what the mind cannot bear… © Photo:  Bingfreeimages

Second Time

The hurt that one can’t fathom relief from will one day dissipate leaving an internal question “can I ever love again” it swallows the soul with a silent concern and yes you can, even more than before what you should not offer is a lost, broken heart, until you find your new identity, your attempts … More Second Time

You Made Me Better

(Flashback Friday) I know that it hurts, to break up with your man But if he cheated on you, you must take a stand If he tries to get back with you, just give yourself some time To think about your future, and release the hurt inside We never know the answers, when the loneliness … More You Made Me Better

Dark River

The cruelty the heart endures when the once bright, shining star no longer chooses to glow over the moonlit clear nights A venue once of glory & splendor that fed beauty to the light in your eyes but you capriciously place yourself where I can no longer gaze upon you So I cry a dark … More Dark River

Cheating Person

Entering the unknown exciting, yet scary one step at a time with time there are worries Acclimating well, then becoming complacent stuck in a rut, then reaching out for new excitement An added energy, temporarily proud of exchanging and timing, everything well with time there are errors, quite plainly seen the nervous burdens, of a … More Cheating Person

Identity Crisis

After a breakup, next comes the hurt a rocket’s flare lit, as their soul leaves the heart No room for comfort or consolation a massive distortion of a powerful nature Never returning to your original person sometimes more bitter, sometimes a better version the principle issue, was a lesson to be learned was your identity … More Identity Crisis

Will You Come Home…

I didn’t mean to cause you so much agony, affliction & misery I took you for granted and foolishly thought, you would never leave A thousand times, I offer my apologies and am begging you, please listen will you come home can you love me again… ©