As the northern haze slowly takes it time passing through our state, I take the time to contemplate. I focus on my state of now, and reel in meditative thoughts. Comfort overcomes my being, doubt and concerns are now fleeing, although we must stay inside, I take the time to clear my mind. ©EN 2021, … More Flexible

How to Forgive

While reading through comments on a YouTube video, I came across the question “How does one forgive?” They heard many times forgive situations but did not know how to, especially dealing with an evil person (sounded highly narcissistic to me). My version of forgiveness for those that no longer want to deal with the person’s … More How to Forgive


I’ll hold on to life, as long as I’m allowed. I will give in when it’s God’s will, to ride upon the clouds. To brighter days and love so strong I’ll know I made it home, to the other place before earthly ways, where I was dearly loved and known. ©EN 2021, All Rights Reserved


The calmness of the morning, its ray of light so welcoming. Though initially it’s quiet out, in time noise will come and impose with the rushing sounds of pseudo living;  in this misled, alternate world. ©EN 2021, All Rights Reserved


The night eases  into dawn’s early light.  No more dark floating shadows  revealed by the moonlight.  A feeling of victory,   conquering unsettled fears.  An uplifting energy,   affirming no one individual  controls everything…  ©EN2021, All Rights Reserved

Soft Celtic Music

I hear the beauty of a flute, my heart begins to smile. A piano’s tune of gentleness, my ears detect its elegance. A harp then plays and I’m so touched, the artistry of the trio above. Its beauty seems to sooth my soul, as if angels surround me to make me their home. ©EN 2021, … More Soft Celtic Music