As I ease my thoughts of a certain hope,  I exchange them for soothing lullabies  of imagination not guided  of old expectations, but  of what newly arises  from a source that’s within.   ©EN 2023, All Rights Reserved


In an instant your life can change. A baby’s born, a baby’s made. Our emotional journey is what life is about. The good and the bad, our story no doubt. Falling in love, then faced with divorce. The interval changes where love has died off. The process of finding ourselves once again. Hold on to … More Instant


Words that stay in thought at times that help in the healing process:  sad – because there’s a feeling of loneliness  angry – it digs deep into the soul  worry – dims the light of the eyes  trauma – because a part of your life is deprived  hope – because it’s not always lost  choice … More Healing


The grandness of life could be so confusing. Deceived by what we ought to think, and the spirit of nature’s reality. An initial lost connection either way; one should be rewarding, the other…emotional death. ©EN, All Rights Reserved (Repost)


As temporary as life is,  as well as all relationships,  I give thanks for all of the experiences.  The positive, negative  and various exciting moments,  all come together, unite one more time.  Their memories and emotions  build one last day’s notions,  as I prepare my soul  to cleanse itself.  The end of the road.  As … More Entrance

Always a Mom

Photos and short video  welcome mom  into his unknown vacation.  (He’s been on his own  for a long time already.)  Unaware he was even there  until the texts came through,  showing the joy of his adventurous views.  A mother’s heart is swollen with pride.  Knowing her adult son  is enjoying his life.  This makes her … More Always a Mom

Caramel Coated

The sweetness was so tender.  Until it was no more.  Time licked away  and peeled to the core  what was hidden from sight.  Yet I desperately grasped onto mine.  I couldn’t shed the tears  as the sugar caramelized.  I had to add the butter;  the fatness of life,  the pureness that has come to heart,  … More Caramel Coated


Sounds are changing  from my window’s eye.  What I see and hear  are signs of springtime.  Geese these days  are coming back North.  (I hope there’s no more  winter storms.)  Lord, I thank  your nature’s blend,  the transforming seasons  of where I live.  Beautiful art  in the sky, land and air.  Refreshing, uplifting  and sometimes, … More Seasons


Hmmm, there’s a lightness in the air,  nostalgic moments were brought up.  The longing to find you,  was not a stroke of luck.  Our youthful silliness,  causing giggles and lovely imageries  as we shared truthful thoughts  of our old time memories.  Some things that were not known  until our four-plus decades’ conversation.  How sweet those … More Reconnected