Love Bug

It is Spring once again and the warmth will deliver in it a bug, that some will embrace but others, will try their best to prevent You see, those that feel unworthy and lost when the love bug bites, will often question, why me… what have I to offer with time Love comes in many … More Love Bug

Beauty of Nature

The ocean’s waves, calm rivers or creeks the mirroring image of still riverbanks the scent of the earth, the flowers and trees the sound of the birds, the bugs and those bees it finally reached us, warm weather-it’s Spring the beauty of nature, that gradually, is colored in… ©


Born with a natural electronic field, grounded to the earth’s limitless yield magnetic, in many ways both as a human and natural in cells growing up and losing ground taught of ups and downs, leading the way-cryptic teachings, causing the mind to lose some of its natural being to one day grow up and find … More Grounded

I See Colors (2)

I have been asked how my “learning to paint” was going, so I’m going to humbly share some of my attempts.  I can see improvement (you don’t get to see the fails, lol), and I would definitely tell anyone to at least try it. I went the inexpensive route to start with (just in case … More I See Colors (2)

“Wake Up” Call…

Life is so simple, but it has been made complicated filling emotional needs with material things, needing to be told exactly how to think… a darkness calls, it’s what your taught, debt, stress, competitive crisis you must have earned it, knowing, there were other logical choices a greater need for love and peace, no longer … More “Wake Up” Call…


When old is new again experiencing so many revelations, where do I begin and where do I remain, ancient star-dust that I once was, and still am ancestors guiding me or is it also myself, that from the celestial past lives I try to guide in my various, human disguises… ©   Photo;  Bingfreeimages