Discovering Me

I stepped into religion looking for my “self”, and learned the fundamentals.  I stepped into a new one, and learned about spirituality-although it was still limited.  I stepped out of religion and discovered the true power of God, and my own abilities.  I now have shared this wisdom by writing and I continue to grow daily.

Life is as beautiful, abundant and powerful as you allow it to be.  Don’t limit your possibilities based on the unknown (FEAR).  Just take a mental state of mind forward, and watch your life progress and thrive.  Be creative; the flow comes from within once you discover your “self”, your true-being, purpose and mission all follow.  Enjoy and embrace the journey.  The destination will come at the right time.  In life there will be many.  Self-love is a powerful guide.

Intuition is to be respected; it’s a red or green light about your thoughts or surroundings.  Pay attention, life is all about choices.  Good or bad, each one results in a life-experience lesson.  When you are spiritually awake, blame is not an option.  Sole responsibility becomes a sign of true evolution.

Your gifts are internal, including peace.  The materialistic perception of happiness is nothing but deception.  I found this out when a very high-class person could not seem to take the fact that this simple person (me & my positive energy), was well liked by several people.  So, status, money, the big lake home, etc. are obviously not “all that”.  Especially, when that person lacks self-love and is unhappy in life.  You have heard it before; a rich person committing suicide, because something was missing that they could not purchase.  It is shocking news, because we believe having money is having everything.

Now I ask you this-who are you?  What are you doing to lift your inner-self higher?  If you are already there, please share your “discovery” moment so others can see that true happiness does exist.

Being a Teenager

Welcome to your teens
You won’t understand what this means
Your body is yet maturing
Your thoughts are more enduring

These are times, you feel your parents “don’t get it”
Only because they love you, but you won’t admit it

For your age and new mindset
Cause new stages, and parental threats
Without warnings and restrictions
Your behavior becomes addictions
Things that tug at you to hide and lie
May soon put you in danger, or worse-you could die

I do want you to know, you are very important
Please find your goals, take your time-let it flow
Don’t let anyone stop you, or get in your path
For what you give to this world
should make you happy, not sad
Take time for yourself, to find your own way
Whether a doctor, a writer, it’s what your heart displays

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It’s All Your Fault (Self-Abuse)

It’s all your fault
I can’t find my shoes
I don’t know where I put them
So I’m blaming you

It’s all your fault
I don’t want to eat
What you took time to make
I don’t want on my plate

It’s all your fault
When I’m not in the “mood”
I’m not happy in life, our love will never renew

It’s all your fault
I don’t want to come home
You are driving me crazy
And I feel so alone

It’s all your fault
We are getting divorced
We are selling the house
And it all is by force

It’s all your fault
That you couldn’t see
That your life would revolve
All around me

It’s all your fault
I committed the sin
Of lusting someone, and that I gave in

And it’s still your fault
That my heart is now empty
You won’t forgive and you just want to blame me

Nor is it my fault
That you were so weak
There were times I would laugh
At how mean I could be

But it was always my fault
Now that we’re over, our demise was due
To my lifestyle crossover

It’s been quite a while, that it all began
If you haven’t noticed, I have since ruined your plans

Self-abuse:  When You don’t love yourself enough to make changes and allow others to ruin your life.  How much of your life have you wasted?


Meaning of a Hug

A hug is a powerful embrace
It can give your soul a better place
It can break down a wall of envy
And take away a neurotic frenzy

It can redirect lost passion
And reduce the things you feared
A hug is so much greater
Than the material things we’ve reared

If you yell at me, I’ll hug you
For I know something is wrong
That inside your angry spirit
There is calm beyond that wall

Once the hug is almost over
Tears of grief may be released
Then your soul will soon find comfort
And we can talk, with love increased

A hug is a form of protection
Which is given from within
Between those arms you feel secure
And know love still exists

To a child, a hug is love and reinforcement
To an adult, it is a powerful force
That reclaims love’s endorsement

Sometimes the hug can be a hint
A statement that you want a deeper relationship
Or, it can simply state
Thank you for being my friend today

Never give a hug, if it’s not meant to be with love
Behind that precious moment, is a gift as from above
And never turn it down, if what is deeply needed
Is a way to get back grace, to a heart that has been impeded

There are times, a hug leaves you distressed
With a curious mind, not sure if I should confess
That before I stepped into those arms, there was no question
No hidden agenda, no greater dimension
But the way your hug was given, now makes me believe
That an amazing gift could be behind
The special hug that you gave me


Relationship Mistakes

Falling in love is so nice at first
The attention, the romance, but then things get worse
Why do we act like everything’s fine
When it’s really the time, to discuss what’s not right

Too polite to each other since the beginning
Trying to impress, earn the trust; feel you’re winning
We tell little lies to be together
Yes I like this, that and whatever

That is the worst thing we can do
Creates a new person, that’s not truly you
Why create a self- illusion
When it will only cause future confusion

With time some things change, no longer on fire
The impressing stage fades, then someone grows tired
Neither one dares, to admit the truth
But it could be done, with tenderness too

Just treat each other like you are always dating
But from the beginning, the truth-no upgrading
It will be more fun, if you are always you
No need to pretend, or end up a fool

Never treat others better than your true love
Because if you do, it’s a relationship snub
The betrayal then starts, and the resentment begins
Before you know it, love comes to an end
There’s no more respect, and it just becomes
A relationship trap, until one wants to run

So let’s not waste time, and continue to communicate
We should always state how we feel, and not pretend to be okay
Let’s be realistic and treat each other with respect
When life gets in a rut, don’t run, let’s just take care of it
Always be yourself with room for new adventures
But never trade your soul, just to be together


Passive Aggressive

You came to our department, a new culture for you
You were quick to analyze, who you would antagonize too
I welcomed you with dignity, and thought, from you, I could learn
But soon found out, you’re not that kind, instead you like to burn

Your petty situations, only you would create
To diminish our value, so you’d appear great
I caught on to you in no time, you see
You thought I was dumb, but with time, we had tea

 I figured you out, when you were upset
It didn’t take long, and no longer a threat
I offered you snacks, when they were given to me
That was the secret, your weakness, my key

You then quickly moved on, to your next victim
I pretended to like you, and we had peace since then
You thought I was inferior, but to my delight
Without a valid reason, you were still somewhat despised
Your behavior of being, passive aggressive

Was stealthily turned on you, and I taught You a lesson

Your superior seemed stunned, that we got along
Now all of your lies, seemed to be, a bit wrong
They weren’t wise enough, to call out your bluff
Nor did they learn, from what they should have discerned
That your need for attention, caused our department’s dissension
With all their degrees, how blind could they be

 I was so much wiser, than you thought You were
In the philosophy of life, I’m not such an amateur
The mind game was fun, you were humbled, I won
As for your next target, I hope it too, is a short run


Closet Challenge-No More Than 80

clothing you haven’t even missed wearing…

Hello readers.  I have a challenge that should relieve a burden that you may not even realize you have.  I found this out when I truly cleaned out my closet after visiting Old World Wisconsin.  It’s a beautiful place with an 1880s village from various countries displaying how they lived in early Wisconsin.  My favorite was the general store.

Back in 2012 I owned a cozy 2 bedroom home that I called my cabin.  After visiting Old World Wisconsin, I realized I had way too many clothes in my closet that I never used; and wondered why I was keeping them, when someone with a greater need could enjoy them.  I decided to evaluate all of those clothes hanging first, as others were in containers in the attic.  I discovered that I wore about 25 percent of the clothes.   The rest were just there…not being used, just filling it for no reason.  My light bulb moment went on.  I then decided-only items that currently fit me will be in my closet for all seasons.  When I reached for any items, I knew they would fit.  No more “this doesn’t fit” days.

I came to a conclusion that around 80 items would be sufficient for me.  There are many ways to view this: but when you realize how many items you keep wearing over and over and ignore the others, this was more than enough.  For my lifestyle as a working woman, I chose to allow: 10 blouses, 4 jeans, 8 slacks, 10 skirts, 5 nice dresses,  4 blazers, 6 sweaters (over your attire), 6 sweaters (pullover), 8 t-shirts,  5 shorts, 4 capris, 5 summer dresses.  That adds up to 75 hanging items.  I used those hangers that hold five items each and you drop them to create more rod space.  I would put two items per slot; my closet was neat and spacious, no longer bunching up or wrinkling my clothes.  This made room for a few extra accessories to easily find and reach for on hooks.  There was only one wooden shelf above the long wooden rod, as it was an older home.  Other items were destined to be there.

I challenge you to consider a closet review.  There are people in need that could use your unused articles of clothing that you haven’t even missed wearing.  You may experience a few selfish moments, or nostalgic memories. Keep a few of what’s close to your heart, but let the rest be worn by someone in need.  You may even rediscover what others will view as a new wardrobe.  You’re not throwing good clothes away. You’re just giving them new life.  If you have time to sell them, make that your “fun” money.  I raised over $90 on clothes alone in two days.  I gave a lot away to a needy family, and the rest went to a thrift store.

I hope you participate in this challenge.  Let me know your emotional experiences during the process and your end result.  Compete with your friends, pass it on.   Then have a victory night with your “fun” money.