Colorful Fall – Seasonal Post

The ending of summer, as nature displaysthe red and gold leaves, changing in stages. The strong windy days, knocking leaves off the branches,leaving big gaps, and exposing the nests in them. The cool early mornings and somewhat warm days, eventually leading to, cold bitter nights. The last chance for camping, with bonfires to keep warm;and placing toasted marshmallows between … More Colorful Fall – Seasonal Post

Spring Fever

Something’s in the air, the worst is yet to come. There’s a certain mildness the atmosphere, has swung. The days are getting longer, the air is getting warmer; and we all know the winter storms are certainly not over. Soon the wintry snow will change to rain when warm. The buds will wake and colors … More Spring Fever

Christmas Love

The cold is getting bitter, the leaves are now all gone; the gloominess the clouds dispense,  the sun seems almost lost. But there is something magical, for weeks, it fills the air; the people change and rearrange their love is everywhere. It’s not all about the presents, nor the pretty decorations. It’s putting down, the … More Christmas Love


Summer flowers, lush foliage greens,  I will miss your lovely scenes. Before winter’s deterioration and your becoming old, your picturesque beauty I have delightfully shown. © EN, All Rights Reserved