When a lover’s heart has been severed, do not look to youthful emotions that were of innocence, combined with inexperience and, of course, immature ignorance. By all means look back and be sure to grasp, the identity that may have been surrendered in order to please, the now-lost lover; and your true “self,” just might … More Self-Reclamation

Christmas Love

The cold is getting bitter, the leaves are now all gone; the gloominess the clouds dispense,  the sun seems almost lost. But there is something magical, for weeks, it fills the air; the people change and rearrange their love is everywhere. It’s not all about the presents, nor the pretty decorations. It’s putting down, the … More Christmas Love


Why is it the one that disappoints you the most, has the power to make you feel lost… © EN, All Rights Reserved


My hand wants to continue to write. My mind speaks intuitive thoughts; but the heart, oh so cautiously wants to shut it all out. So just for you, I tore a wall down… © EN, All Rights Reserved

In a Rut

Love’s not gone (?), is it just in a rut; too busy doing “other” stuff. Not paying attention to the someone in need, after all, I think one would ask or mention “something,” if feeling lonely has become a problem.  My, my. How easy it is to let this rut continue, into a world of … More In a Rut


I study you and take to heart our peculiar interactions… © EN, All Rights Reserved